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Buy American! Buy the Toyota Avalon!!


"According to the latest report, the most “American car” is the Toyota Avalon, which is built in Georgetown, Kentucky. Eighty-five percent of that car’s parts are sourced from the U.S and Canada â?? a higher percentage than for any car made by a U.S.-based manufacturer. Honda just celebrated its 30th anniversary in the U.S.

It’s not just about currency fluctuations and labor costs. Car companies need to build cars where they sell so they can build the right car, according to Rebecca Lindland, Director of Research for IHS Automotive. “You have to be local to understand what motivates that person to spend six months of their pay on your product.”

The industry is converging in terms of style, design, feel and quality. “Twenty years ago American car drove in a very distinct way compared with foreign car,” says Joe DeMatio, ,Deputy Editor of Automobile Magazine. “That’s disappearing.”

As foreign car makers have expanded in the U.S., U.S. automakers have expanded overseas. The Ford Fusion, for example, is now made in Mexico."

I have a 2006 toy Tacoma 4 wd club cab loaded , bought it new and still love it. 90,000 miles and nothing more than normal maintenance

I still refuse to buy a Japanese company’s car. Doesn’t seem right to me.


[quote]CSEagles1694 wrote:
I still refuse to buy a Japanese company’s car. Doesn’t seem right to me.


LOL…So, what about the other 99% of everyday products and goods?


The article didn’t mention that the Georgetown, KY plant is “non-Union”.