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Button Pull-Away Warmup Pants?


few yrs back I bought a pair of reebok pants with buttons down the side of each leg. I love these pants. but can't find them anywhere. anyone have any suggestions?


reebok outlet stores or maybe their website


Party boy before a ME squat?


call Chippendale's....


Is putting on pants the traditional way that difficult?


OP might wear shoes like this:


I think it may have more to do with the fun of ripping them off...



LOL at the replies but I think he is referring to tear-away pants - the kind of warm-up pants w/buttons down the sides used by basketball players so they can just rip them off before getting into a game of hoops.

I still have a few pairs myself - some companies still make them, Starter, Nike, Reebok, FILA, Champion, etc.

Try looking online - for some reason they don't sell them that much anymore. Back to regular track pants for everyone


I've searched on ebay. only found a few in sizes to small


I tried to post a link earlier, but it didn't go through. Try doing a google search for "tear-away pants." You should come up with some online merchants.


I suspect you'll have much more success locating Adidas warmups than Reebok.