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Anyone hear about what happened at a MMA event in Youngstown, Ohio? Butterbean choked out a TV weatherman who weighs about 150 and dropped him on his head. I guess they were screwing around, but now things are pretty serious.


The poor guy must have accidentally put his hands too close to Butterbean's food.


Are you from that area ? I am


Yes, I am. I understand it made the front page of the paper. I did not see the article, but I was told that they were filming a promo on an upcoming MMA show in town. Butterbean was screwing around and put a move on the guy and apparently did not know anything was wrong until he let go and the guy hit the ground. Kind of like Hulk Hogan and Richard Belzer in the 80's. Sounds to me like Butterbean did not know his own strength.



Funny stuff if you ask me.


The only thing funny about that article is butterbeans real name, Eric Esch.