Butterbean Conditioning?

Not sure if I should be posting this in this forum but seemed the most relevant!

Just wondering everybody’s thoughts on how Butterbean was conditioned enough to fight with the intensity he did, even just for four rounds. I’m not asking why he was still as big as he was if he was fit because obviously the guy liked to eat, but what sort of training would get him fit enough at that weight? If anybody has Butterbean’s actual training regime I’d be very interested! Thanks for any input.

Always thought this about people like Mark Hunt, Lew Yates and Tony Galento as well, I know the weight helps with punching power but surely is so detrimental to conditioning?!

A big part of conditioning is being comfortable in a fight (IE not panicking) and moving with efficiency, IME.

Also, body composition really doesn’t have a whole lot to do with your gas tank as a fighter. I can eat myself into obesity while training 3x a day just because I’m capable of some serious gluttony (and my genetic predisposition for being a fat fuck). I imagine I’d be in great condition, performance-wise, but look like a tub of shit.