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No not in a Marlon Brando way, but i have been reading about the benefits of butter, is this just a fanciful take from the butter marketing board, or is it really another superfood


Butter? A superfood? Please. But in my opinion, it is much better for you than margarine, even if the margarine is trans fat free. The ingredients on a tub of margarine, trans fat free or otherwise, are far from natural. I know, I know, natural doesn’t mean safe. But I don’t think many people with current nutritional knowledge and an understanding of saturated fat would argue that a little butter will kill you faster than margarine.

Since it’s a saturated fat, butter is good for cooking at higher heat. If it’s from organically raised and 100% grass fed cows it’s a great natural source of CLA and ‘good’ fatty acids (and even some beta-carotene I believe), but most people can’t afford that. It’s basically like any other high-fat dairy product. Regular butter is full of hormones and antibiotics, but it’s still not too bad in moderation.

Thing is i never use any yellow fat at all but reading that article made me want to smother my veggies in butter. Bad move?

Ever tried drizzling your veggies in a little extra-virgin, first-cold-pressed organic olive oil? It’s damn good.

But if you’re not concerned with calories and you get enough omega-3 fats and monounsaturated fats, a little butter isn’t a big deal. Though your use of the verb “smother” indicates you were thinking of using more than a little…