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Butt Striations

Does this dude seriously have butt striations? I’m kinda thinking bodybuilding has gone a bit too far.

I mean, it obviously represents an incredible degree of work… I just think it’s weird. And from reading this site for over a year, I think I’ve been been indoctrinated into buying into a whole bunch of weird stuff.

It’s magic marker.

yea i’ve never seen an ass striated

I just wish they would change that Powerful Image pic to something else… ANYTHING else.

I get more dissapointed by this forum every day.

why are you so concerned about his ass?

Gayest. Thread. Ever.

[quote]Reef wrote:
Gayest. Thread. Ever.[/quote]

This is a bodybuilding forum, right?

Still, they should bring back bigger posing shorts.

Hey, say what you want, but if I could magically exchange my ass for his, I don’t think I could say no to that.

I am sorry…I was busy looking at the blondes ass, I never made it to this dude.

Glute striations have been around for a very long time. They are nothing new.

[quote]Dirty_Bulk wrote:

Still, they should bring back bigger posing shorts.[/quote]

That would help get rid of the homo-erotic vibe for sure. I think we can just move back to normal speedos and assume that if they have hamstring striations and lower-lat christmas tree striations that they’ve got other striations we don’t need to see but we know are there.

Renel Janvier is to asses what Tom Platz is to legs.

A close-up for your viewing pleasure.

This thing that caused the OP such consternation is called “competitive bodybuilding”. It is what used to be done in the olden days. It was what people used to aspire to when they went to the gymnasium.

Perhaps we could start a historical forum for all the bodybuilding posts, then all the “general fitness” fans wouldn’t be so upset/aroused/sexually-confused by these photos.

[quote]toddthebod wrote:
Renel Janvier is to asses what Tom Platz is to legs.[/quote]

He looks like if you punched him you’d break some knuckles.

Damn, too much man ass. Here’s something to balance things out…



btw its jamie eason, so don’t go start a thread on who it is.