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Butt Pain and Lower Back Pain On One Side

A few weeks ago I started to feel a little pain in my lower back on my left side only. It is not too bad, but noticeable. About a week later, I got a pain in my right glute. It is low and in one spot only. Kind of hurts when I sit on it. At first I thought it was just sore, but now I realize that it is something else.

Then, yesterday after doing a ton of pistols, my other side got the same thing. The lower back pain is still there on my left side and I am wondering if the two are related. I thought the pain in the butt might be sciatica, but I’m not sure it’s in the right place. And it doesn’t go to my leg.

I have only been deadlifting for about six weeks, and I was pushing my power clean and squat a little more than I had been, so I am sure it is an overuse thing and maybe a not perfect form thing.
I am using a ball and roller right now as well as stretches for sciatica. I imagine I will have to take a few weeks off from deadlifting and squats as well. Any other recommendations or any ideas about what else it might be?

Go get it checked out if you are worried. Could be something to do with your hip flexor