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Butt Man or Breast Man?


So what do you all think? Personally i would take a nice butt over breats any day. I mean i love tits but they aren't crucial....




Tits aren't as fun to fuck.

Seriously, I find many breasts attractive, but much fewer asses.



Of course that upside-down heart shape from behind can drive me crazy as well.


gotta have one or the other, and the other can't be totaly flat either way.lol


Ass, fuh damn sho.

Funny shit, Slut. But I'm not sure I agree... not always anyways.


I can appreciate a great ass better than I can good breasts. But I can still be attracted to someone who's lacking in the ass department if all is well up front; no matter how nice the ass, I'm not attracted to women with really saggy breasts.


ryno - I like the ass better because of its tightness. It's difficult to get as much pressure by fucking a girl's tits, you know? Though spraying a girl in the face afterwards is a nice added bonus.


Why do we have to choose? I get both, plus a great helmet.


Bring da booty. I will pass on boobs any day for a great butt. You've got to earn a great ass. Boobs you either have or you don't, or you buy them.


Ass, all the way.


I like titties. Butts are great, mind you. However, a gay friend of mind once pointed out that there is not much difference between a stripper's ass and that of a 12 year old boy.


I'm an ASSMAN like Kramer's license plate.


dude, I just dig women.


I think its cool how all of the white guys are slooowly becoming ass-men.

I remember in like junior or highschool, my white friends would shy away from big-assed women.


Are we talking about nice to have or need to have?

For example, while I prefer the look of a well loaded silicon rack (specially when the still some clothing on it, it gives a nice overall shape), it has never prevented me from appreciating any breast size my partners had once it was time to do the nasty...

Like a small breasted girl once said, if its more than a mouthful, its waste. A buddy of mine was even more clever: who cares what`s the size as long as the girl loves who you fondle/play with them...?


Ignorant slut: What you are talking about ass and pressure, what`s the deal? I see no correlation between the girl having an ass (or not) and vaginal muscles tightness/slack...

Unless you`re talking about exploring the balloon knot entryway...? Then again, what does external ass shape have to do with it (internal pressure)?

Aren`t we confounding form VS functionality here, by any chance?


Ko's a ass man.

But he digs my brain, too. smirk


I'm just saying that I like girls' asses because it's fun to think about plunging into them, feeling the tightness, and feeling the front side of me slam into their cheeks. So yes, the outward appearance is important. Thanks for giving me the chance to clarify that.


There ain't no way to put it suttle when I want the butthole.