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Butt implants?


I’d hit it!

I freakin love that chick. Ive seen her pics before. That ass is 100% pure, grade A, prime…

Big Ass, Small Waist=NICE!!
I can’t stand women that feel they can show off their big ass simply because J-LO has made it so popular. J-LO has a small waist, much like this woman, which gives them the “Golden Ratio” which has been proven in scientific studies(they actually do university studies on things like this)to be attractive to the opposite sex. But then you get women with big asses, with no shape, and a big gut hanging over their tight jeans. Uggh, it disgusts me just thinking about it! Oddly enough it’s the young teenage girls that are most succeptible to do this. I guess as you get older you have some sensibilities of what looks good and what does not. The youngsters just want to fit in. Anyways, enough ranting from me. Nice Ass!!

Loopfitt, something like this??

Moose, I luv ya baby! Now THAT’S what I like! Mmm,mmm good.

Oh…God…oh God…Oh God no!

vomits in mouth



Dude please take that down.

Holy shit her ass eat her under wear! LMAO

hey loopfit, thats kinda similiar to “thick” thing.

a lot of guys like girls that are thick. somehow fat girls decided that they are now thick and not fat. you dont know how many girls ive met over the internet that told me they were thick with a big ass that turned out to be grossly obese.

P-Dog- How would you describe Ericka’s Ass?

That is perhaps the biggest ass I have ever seen. Cant say im a fan of the big ass its all about shape and quality.

One of my fitness model clients has a body that is almost identical to the initial photo on this post. Believe me, my balls swell up to twice their normal size whenever I train her. Who needs HCG with her around?

Sweet Jesus, I bet she could juice a canteloupe with that ass!

hot damn!!!

“I said goddamn!”

Now I’d call that ASS TO GRASS!

what’s her name?

no comment…

That 1st booty is an A+. Whoo is that? ~Karma~ has a great ass from what i’ve seen!!