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Butt Building Fat Loss Routine


Ok so I'm new to this site, have read couple articles in the past and loved them. them So here goes I'm ready to change my life! Last year I lost 50lbs, now at 5'5" 160lbs but still 28ish % bf. I'm not a stranger to lifting but since high school it's been off n on due to an accident and unfortunately instead of continuing fitness I just stopped so now I'm just a weakling and I'm sick of bein this way!. My husband is no help, even though he is in military he has no weight issues so eats what he wants etc and currently has back injury so not even working out.

Goals as follows- will b posting a before pic when I get a chance to monitor my progress.

Goal bf% 18-20% at about 130-140lbs depending on body comp.
I love curves and want to keep my butt as big as possible during this transformation.
I'm lookin at following this routine for the next 6 weeks- http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/shredded_in_six_weeks_that_is

Any thoughts? I have been weight training for about a month more steadily and my diet is a high fat mod protein low carb. I will b following the walk and sprint cardio routine.

I know it's going to kick my butt(hopefully increase it :), how much progress do you think is possible to make in 6 weeks toward my goals with this?

Thanks for any suggestions!


Since fat loss makes a big visual difference and building the glutes tends to be easy, your results should be quite noticeable. What you've suggested in terms of diet sounds OK to me; however, I'm not convinced five lifting sessions + sprints will be necessary. Remember, keeping things simple makes them more likely to work in real life.


Yeah its not going to be crazy sprinting, just one session a week for 15-20 min. Might not even always be sprints but interval jump rope or something. just a tiny etc but for sure that routine is gonna be more than enough on its own but he includes sprinting so ill give it a shot since ive been doing it a little now anyway. Thanks for making me feel im sane for trying to attempt this!


one pic, gotta get rid of arm fat, belly fat and thigh fat lol... yeah almost all fat needs to go! wish i could upload all pics at once. will be taking better pics for before and after.


1/ "Which brings me back to six weeks: It's plenty of time for an athlete with 8% or 11% body fat to get under 5% or 9% body fat. For many, 8% and 11% body fat may be their ultimate goal, but for a true physique competitor or trainer, that's your job. They should never allow their body-fat to rise above 10% and 13%, respectively."

did you read this paragraph in the article?... your a beginner with little experience and less education in weight lifting. You should not be trying to follow nutritional and exercise programs of those that are serious about the sport and competitive bodybuilders. The very first law of weight training is the "Law of Individuality" This program is not suitable or designed for someone with 28%ish bf. I would also bet that your not really sure what the designed lifting program means or how to perform the exercises properly.

You are a beginner and as such should start on a beginners program designed to give you a good foundation from which to achieve your physique goals... you need to get strong using basic lifts, and not even consider doing programs like those promoted by for and to people that have been lifting for years.

If your not educated or confident enough to design your own program then at least shell out a few dollars and go and have a personal trainer or coach teach you how to squat, deadlift, bench press, do ham glute raises, military press or alternative if necessary, power clean and reverse crunche. Have them organize these exercises to best suit your goals so you get the most benefit out of them. Do these exercises for 12 weeks get strong and more confident then start looking for other methods and more specific programs to meet your NEW physique goals, because trust me once you see a big improve in your lifting abilities and strength it will open up many more avenues upon which you can set new and more ambitious goals...


I am not going to say to much about your post. I'm not brand new to weight lifting and I do have good form and perform the exercises correctly. I have worked with personal trainers in the past and just because I haven't entered a competition doesn't mean I don't know HOW to do it.

Just haven't been doin it for a while until recently. I'm not an idiot and I'm not going to attempt something I know I can not do and will adjust anything needing adjusting. I chose this program because it includes the exercises that I am already doing but formatted so that I have more of a routine than I do now. I know how to adjust a workout so that I can complete it and I know my limits. This isn't my first go around it just happens to have been a while. I'm not here to argue with anyone.

Thanks for your input.


Wow that is silly to assume somebody doesn't have a clue what they are doing... To me it seems like you have solid goals and know its going to take a lot of hard work to get there... Good luck! I do have one question and that is about diet... When you say "high fat" how much fat is that? Same with the carbs and the protein? Also do you have an idea of how many calories you are eating per day? I have found that when I keep track of all of that I tend to lose weight just because I realize what I am eating...


Thanks for the response! Yup just because I haven't gotten to their lvl yet doesn't mean I don't know how.. Just hasn't been executed!

I sure do know the numbers :). If I don't keep track I don't stay on track. I use fit day and I'm kind of addicted to calculating now lol I like seein how it adds up! My macros on a normal day are 50-60% fat(meat,nuts, clarified butter, avocado etc), 30-35protein(mainly leaner to keep calories down) and rest carbs(veggies and berries). My goal is to keep calories around 15-1600 with a rest day including a fast here n there. The reason all these are still goals and not always a reality is I have a bit of a compulsive eating habit that I'm still fully trying to break that can lead me from being couple hundred calories up to 5000 calories over for a day..doesn't happen every day but some weeks it sets my progress back. It's much better controlled than before though. I just love food, all food. Lol.

Anyway so yeah I am my worst enemy. Sometimes I do wish I had other people around with similar goals at least but in the end it comes down to me puttin in work. I am definitely sore right now! Hoping that Saturday was the last day I let my food get out of control because before that I had gone over a month without a slip up and was making progress. I have my vacation in 6 weeks and would love not to b embarrassed in a swimsuit while in the Caribbean! Don't know if that's a realistic goal or not from where I'm at now. Haven't worn a swimsuit since 16yrs old, even then I wasn't a supermodel. I just woke so guess I kinda rambled lol my bad.

Thanks again!


Welcome! And big congratulations on loosing 50 pounds last year. That must feel fantastic. Six weeks is certainly enough time to see progress. Anytime you are working hard, keeping protein adequate while eating on a bit of a deficit, you are going to be headed in the right direction. Deadlines aside, enjoy the process. I'm not familiar with that article, but finding a way to eat and train that is sustainable over the long haul is always the challenge. I'm interested to follow the experiment. Best!



Thanks so much for your kind words! It felt so easy losing the 50 lol now it's a whole new game. Wish I would have lifted more during that time but can't go bk now only forward! I know as long as I keep my food under control I'll see progress but dang being here in Alaska(stuck for now cuz of military) it has been harder to control some emotional eating all winter! Summer is finally starting to show even though it still snowed recently! Any who thanks a lot I'm excited/scared to see how the rest of my journey goes!


50 pounds is awesome though you can't feel bad about that!! My goal is to do the same over the next 8 months to a year...


I'm still gettin to know this site,when can someone send private msgs? I wish I had more people around like you for inspiration! Literally no women I know are interested in this stuff and out of respect for my husband I don't form close friendships with men even though I told him I just might have to cuz it sucks having no one close by to discuss stuff with lol.


Thanks yeah it took me about 8 months but I really didn't try to hard like I am now. Now I'm more focused on nutrition and training properly to reach the goals. The 50 was just calories in calories out. Which is also why I'm nit satisfied with the 50lb results. I call myself a smaller version of fat lol. What changes are u making to meet that goal?


Get it!!!


Along with keeping track of my intake of food, taking pictures helps me stay on track!

This has an egg and some egg whites stuffed with baked chicken, avocado, asparagus, and scallions. Side of nitrate free bacon.

A lot of my meals to make things easy involve throwin some meat n veggies together as pouring the egg over it makin a "frittata" or sorts. So simple and delicious.

Trying to keep it simple for the next 6 weeks. When I experiment with food I tend to go over board or get tired of doing good and have a binge on simple bad for me foods. Gotta do what works right! Yay for a good workout an good food! Thanks again all of you for support!


I am much more focused then I have ever been... I am hitting the gym 5 days a week cuing calories but increasing protein at the same time... I am high protein moderate carb low fat right now at about 2400 cals... I have dropped about 10 pounds in the last month... Now I am starting to increase my cardio during my workouts even if that means cutting the lifting down a bit...


Haley, I haven't tried to send a PM in awhile, but I think that function is broken. Maybe they decided to disconnect it. Thank you for trying! I get ya about trying to find other women to talk to about lifting. There are several other women in my gym who I talk to, and I've noticed more women in the free weights in the last few years. I hope it's changing. I don't come trough these logs as often as I used to, but now that you friended me, you'll show up in my hub and I can see when you've posted. I hear you on the male friendships too, it's best to keep it light.

As for food, we all appreciate food porn around here! YUM.


I have noticed that to at my gym... I work out everyday at 4:30am and the same few ladies always come in... I'm glad they are realizing that they won't look like "she hulk" if they lift...


Same here so focused! Can I ask why the low fat? I would never cut down lifting! One way I include cardio in my workouts though is 30 second jump rope between sets. It all adds up. I love eating higher fat though! Will never turn to low fat I'd much rather cut the carbs. I can still have berries daily and a potato when I choose along with green veggies :). I try to limit dairy but eat it here n there.

One of today's meals.. Chicken salad I made wrapped in butter lettuce. Dinner was leftover chicken, asparagus, zucchini stir fry side of white sweet potato with a little butter :).


Yeah since I go to the military base gym the men run the place and the women usually take the classes or on the cardio machines. The FEW women I see lifting here n there are pretty stuck up cuz they think cuz they actually do lift they are better than everyone.. The part I don't get is they seem to make NO progress lol and just wear tight little clothes to show off their chunkiness.. Tried going to the local gym, planet fitness, worst gym ever!! I brought in a jump rope and they wouldn't even let me use it. It's a small machine catered gym and its the only affordable gym in town so just dealing with the gym on post.

I'm not great at these forum things but I hope I'll have some progress to show off in a few weeks!

Have a great weekend!