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Butt and Legs Too Big


In the past I have focused on powerlifting and in the process I built up some pretty big legs and a fucking huge squatting ass that I don't find aesthetically pleasing in relation to my upper body development. Also finding pants that fit is really getting to be a bother.

I guess it is is pretty easy for me to build size in my legs, and my glutes do activate a lot in any squatting movement.

I am now more interested in a building a more aesthetically pleasing physique.

Has anyone had luck in shrinking these muscles down a bit while continuing to build upper body size? I don't want to say I am done squatting and deadlifting forever because I love these lifts. In regards to deadlifting I will likely switch to rack pulls during this time. Reason being is that I do tend to feel regular deads in the glutes as well.



I want pictures of these giant legs and this giant ass you're speaking about.


Does not compute.


It is more so the butt. Pics won't matter, I have decided that it is out of proportion to the rest of my body. Trust me, it is a big and powerful ass.


oh no...

pics matter mofo.

now take off those pants and get a pic of u're ass


I know I will catch heat from this thread, but sometimes I feel squats are just the wrong exercise for people who activate the glutes so much. I believe Gironda was against back squats for this very reason.


ehh........... front squats?


Only way you are seeing my ass is in a MMF mac!


Lies I tell ya


sorry... should have been a picture the first time...


This is a bodybuilding forum. Either work on building your upper body up to match your Coleman-esque legs and ass (which are apparently so big that pants are out of the question).

Last I measured my quads they were 30" (may be a little bigger now) yet I don't seem to have all of these problems with clothes. Maybe some of you should try shopping in the ADULT MALE section of the store.


My butt is covered in stretch marks from squats. Like completely covered, it looks like someone took a red pen and just went crazy. I have had to throw away so many pairs of shorts/jeans because of it.

If I cared about my proportions more than my strength; I would probably do leg extensions before squats, use a closer stance, and lower the weight so I can focus on activating my quads. I also wouldn't fully lock out at the top.


Also intrigued to see said ass.


09'ers at it again. If he was an 08'er or under guy he would've known it was mandatory to post pics with said info. tsk tsk ..........


Over emphasize upper body work to balance out your body? I am not a "body builder" and even I don't understand why you want to lose muscle. Maybe you store more fat on your lower body, in that case, maybe try losing fat.

muscle = good.


09 = doomed humanity


First, there are plenty of girls out there that like dead lifter butts.

I also remember reading in a Coleman article that any time something started falling behind, he works harder on it and doesnâ??t back off his strengths.

I have it on pretty good authority that there are a couple of high level BBers whoâ??ve taken as much as a year off serious leg training, but Iâ??m doubting that your legs and theirs compare.


yeah yeah, easy to say when all you wear are pj's and scrubs all day


No Duce, you are right I do need to continue to work my legs, and I wouldn't mind more quad development.

I appreciate those who offered suggestions. I am not willing to buy over a 36 waist at this time. 36 is what I need to fit my ass and legs. I think a size 36 is in the adult male section Prof X. I'm not trying to fit into my girlfriends skinny jeans or anything.

The last time I was very lean I was about 185lbs. It was clear even at that time my butt was just starting to getting obnoxious. Now at 215 I know losing fat will help but it won't completely fix the situation.

I will most likely drop back squats and deads completely, and do very low rep front squats with a pre fatigue of the quads as someone mentioned. It will give me more time to work my lagging calves as well.

I agree big legs are sweet. Big ass (on dudes) is not. When I wear white boxer briefs it looks like a fucking diaper. I have ignored this for too long due to my love of the big lifts.

Current measurements just taken:
waist 34.5
hips glutes 42-42.5
quads 27

I have a feeling though that the glutes are going to want to stick around.


HEY!.....I wear UA shorts also.

But you're right...my closet isn't exactly pimped out. I did just buy a suit though, but most of the time, I am in shorts, scrubs or sweat pants.