Butchers for Grass-Fed in NYC

I’m living in Manhattan an unimpressed with the grass-fed meat I get at the farmers markets. The farmers mostly deal in tiny quantities that aren’t convenient. Some of them are selling meat that’s got so much water injected into it that I can literally wring ground meat and steaks out like a wet towel! And all for more than buying aged steaks at Whole-Foods! Is there a good butcher, preferably in Manhattan, who sells grass-fed/free range beef, pork, and bison who won’t rip me off? I don’t mind buying five or ten pounds of meat at a time, I have the freezer space.

Try the outdoor market at Union Square. It used to be held on Wednesdays when I lived in the city.

A butcher used to have a table there. He always had a good supply of beef and bison. Didn’t see pork. If you want bigger quantities I’m sure he’d bring it for you the following week.

I think it’s held every Saturday now. I used to see it when I walked down to lab on Saturday mornings. I haven’t passed by it lately due to the cold weather and me not wanting to walk in the cold but since the weather is getting nicer I’ll go have a look again.

I don’t recall seeing a butcher as I never really looked at it trying to be on time for lab but I’m sure there is at least one. If it’s decent quality, I might go buy a few pounds myself.

It’s been a few years since I was there but they had some great vendors. The egg guy had fantastic eggs, I remember the meat guy, he was from upstate PA somewhere. Lot’s of good deals on produce too.

Place was a magnet for smoking hot chicks if I remember.

The Union Square market is the farmer’s market that I have trouble with. I live nearby so I get to it at least twice a week (it’s held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays) and the only good meat I’ve found is from a guy who shows up on Wednesdays but never has much of a selection, or any bison at all. I’ll probably go trawling the butchers in Little Italy and report back.

I’ve been trying to get me some quality beef myself.
I would kill for a decent skirt steak now

Chowhound to the rescue:


Update: Today the Union Square market moved back to the expanded North side of the park. There are three times as many vendors, and many more options for beef, chicken, and pork. I’ve found that the beef from Grazin Acres is good although they seem to show up sporadically.