But Not All Men Seek Rest and Peace

Some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood, restless harbingers of violence and bloodshed, knowing no other path.

My goal for the rest of the year is to get bigger and raise my deadlift and military press.

My plan right now is to train both movements everyday working up to a daily 3 rep max before dropping the weight to ramp back up. I’ll post my workout later after this damn hangover goes away and I can hit the gym.

I like the sound of you.

I’m going to start this post off with a bit of a rant. I hit the gym right after dinner around 6 which is usually busy but I rarely bench or use machines so I don’t really have a problem most days. Well I get there today and it’s packed with people. Most people are just hanging around the weights getting in everyone’s way. Not only that but the damn gym get rid of one of the two lifting platforms and replaced it with boxes for deadstart hang olympic lifts. While that’s annoying it just means I’ll head to the gym earlier but what really bugged me was the amount of trash every where. There were bottles and sweat towels no matter where you looked. Anyhow the workout was ok but I need to get back to stretching more often and I think once I get a few more days back in the gym my lifts should shoot up pretty quickly once I get into my groove.

Military press 45x3x2 65x3 95x3 105x3 65x3 95x3 105x3 65x3

Deadlift 135x3x2 185x3 225x3 135x3 185x3 225x3 135x3

Seated rows 70x10 100x10x5

Barbell twists 45x5x2 45x6x2

I really think I’m gonna like this plan though.

Started my workout a little later and the gym was pretty much empty although there was some good eye candy which is always nice.

Military press 45x3x3 65x3x2 95x3 105x3 115x3 65x3 90x3 115x3 65x3
115 went up slow and steady which I’m happy about but I really want to focus on being more explosive so I’m going to drop the weight to focus on that

Deadlift 135x3x3 185x3 225x3 135x3 185x3 225x3 135x3
I know my form needs work but it was as I was driving home I realized I wasn’t tightening my lats and keeping my chest up. As long as I remember that tomorrow my deadlift should be much higher

Lat pulldown 95x8 125x8,6,4 super setted with tricep push down 30x12,10,8
My triceps have been killing me lately sadly I think it’s from sleeping on my side which is just pathetic

Running man (low back exercise) bwx7x3

Overall I like the deadlifts and military press but my form needs work on both lifts.

Started today with a bit of foam rolling which I’ve been meaning to do but get to excited for the lifting to remember it.

Deadlifts 135x3x3 185x3x2 245x3 265x3 155x3 225x3 265x1
had a hard time breaking the floor and although my form was a bit better today I really need to stretch my hips more so I can arch better. decided to stop at 265 as I didn’t want to kill my back to early in the week

Military press 45x3x3 65x3x2 85x3 65x3 75x3x3
tried to focus on being explosive and left space between the plates to hear the rattle but it seems 75 is where I stop exploding up and everything above that is much slower

Med ball slams 14x5x5

Barbell twists 45x8x4

I need to figure out a better warm up but besides that I feel pretty good and in the up coming weeks may add olympics lifts to the routine

Decided I’m going to separate my deadlifts and overhead presses to am and pm workouts. I took it easy in the gym to work on form and my deadlifts felt much better, still need a bit more stretching each day to be back at 100%

Military press 45x5x3 65x5x5

Deadlift 135x5x3 185x5x2

Reverse hypers bwx10x3

If I can just get form back to where it was before vacations I’ll feel much better about pushing the weight up. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and put me a little closer to 100%

Deadlifting session this morning. Decided to follow CT’s deadlift complex which I’ll be attempting to continue over the next few weeks

Rack pull 275x3 295x3 315x3
Deadlift 185x5 205x5 225x5
Hang clean 95x5 115x5 135x5
Good morning jump bwx8x3
Broad jump bwx8x3

So each set refers to the complex so the first numbers are complex 1 and so on. I made it to the third round before fear of puking came on. Each day I’ll either add weight, more reps, or another round

Bench press 95x10x3
Barbell twist 70x4

Over all a nice morning workout. Spent a little less than an hour in the gym with nobody in my area which is always great. Actually the first round of the complex I was farting the entire time so maybe that drove them away.

Smith machine lockouts 110x3x3
Overhead press 65x5 75x5 85x5
Push press 65x5 75x5 85x5
Medicine ball throw 14x8x3

Cable row 70x10 100x10x3

Knees to elbow bwx8,5,5

For the second workout of the day it was pretty good but I was definitely still tired from this morning

I forgot to post yesterday’s workout

Cleans 95x5x3 115x5 135x5

I didn’t have much time and was fairly dehydrated so I took it easy and got a good recovery workout out of it.

Today’s was much better

Rack pull 295x3 315x3 325x3
Deadlift 205x5 225x5 235x5
Clean 115x5 135x5 145x5
Jump good morning 45x8x3
Broad jump 8x3

Dips bwx5x3

Back felt strong but even more the broad jumps felt great. The first two sets were better than just about any other set I’ve done.

Forgot to post my workout yesterday again. I’m not even going to worry about recording it now. After helping a friend move boxes for a few hours my low back felt ready to give out, luckily I woke up this morning without pain but I’ve realized the hubris of my mistake of bastardizing perfectly good routines.

I’m taking today off to let my back rest and because it’ll be another late night of moving things but tomorrow I’ll start a cycle of the hp mass routine so I can still focus on my overhead press/deadlift by working them every workout. It always seem like the only way to learn from mistakes is to get hurt.

You are doing deadlifts and overhead press everyday? You’re a madman!

Actually the lifts everyday have been fine. My form still needs work so it gives me more chances for adjusting it plus being young with nothing to do all day but lift helps. Anyhow I tested my overhead incline and bench press maxes yesterday but felt I could do better today.
Overhead press 105
Incline 150
Bench 155
Still don’t feel great about them but I guess there’s nothing wrong with starting low.

Tomorrow I’ll test my front squat and deadlift which means sunday will be a neural charge day and monday will be the start of the cycle.

I’ll be starting the first cycle of hp mass tomorrow with the training maxes of:
Overhead press 85
Incline press 120
Bench press 125
Snatchgrip deadlift 185
Olympic squat 145

First session today was awesome.

Push press 65x5x3
Overhead press 45x3 55x3 65x3 75x3 85x3 75x3 80x3 85x3 75x3
Incline press 125x3 115x3 120x3 125x3 115x3
Bench press 125x3 115x3 120x3 125x3 115x3
Snatchgrip deadlift 135x3 165x3 185x3 145x3 165x3 185x3 145x3
Finished with upper back work

Felt very explosive throughout the upperbody pressing and once I switched to deadlifts, they felt the best I’ve done in a long time. Shoulders felt tight and absolutely no back pain.