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...But Does It Slam? (Music)

Anybody in the forums a supporter of Slam, BDM, or the heavier end of the Deathcore spectrum? I’ve been really into Angelmaker, Acrania, Vulvodynia, and Visceral Disgorge lately. Any recommendations along those lines? I enjoy slower darker shit like Lorna Shore and Carnifex, but when it comes to lifting I prefer music that moves.

What about Charlie Landsborough and Dolly Parton - islands in the stream … Great lifting song. Sometimes maybe only when attempting a personal best I would have on Hank Marvin and the shadows… Gets te blood pumped!

Carnifex is dark??? I listen to some BDM and a teeny bit of deathcore (whitechapel, suicide silence, heaven shall burn (or is this mellowdeath?), As blood runs black (also might be mellowdeath), thy art is murder, carnifex.

Brutal death metal wise, ehhhhhh, I listen to cattle decapitation, though that’s deathgrind, when lifting (haven’t been able to lift for a bit due to health issues, I’ll actually start again tommorow, see if it causes me to drop dead lol) I prefer thrash metal, metalcore, hardcore punk or regular heavy metal. When I’m chilling I like mellowdeath or doom metal

Going through a doom metal phase currently as I’m mildly depressed about being unable to train hard.

Carnifex is definitely heavy as shit, and honestly my top band for the last few years, but they’ve taken the “blackened” route. Which is fucking great, but is a bit more atmospheric than I care for while lifting.

Really I just prefer crunchy, groovy, simple shit when I lift. I want feel it more than hear it if that makes sense. I’ve never really given any doom metal a chance. Throw I good band my way, I’ll give it a go.

What kind of health issues if you dont mind me asking?

Doom metal, listen to a pale horse named death, or the last black sabbath album (specifically the end of the beginning or god is dead)