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Busy Schedule


I recently got a new job and do not have a lot of time to train. My workouts would last anywhere from 1hr to 1hr 1/2. I now have around 40 min to train 3x a week maybe 4x a week. What kind of routine would be best to continue making progress?

Stats: 5'9.5, 185 lbs, have no idea what my BF is but I can clearly see my abs.


well IMO, you should just wake up earlier i.e. wake up at 4:30 work out until 6:30 shower at the gym and go straight work, your just going to have to go to bed earlier! but you might have a different schedule, if you compromise your never going to truly make “good” progress…


I used to train in the morning but, I was not really progressing. I feel to weak in the morning especially my legs and back. I need more time before hitting the gym.


What type of routine were you following, and were you happy with your progress on it?

It’s likely that you can follow the same type of routine as you have been by simply eliminating the extraneous stuff.


Consider doing more supersets and short rest times just to decrease time “wasted” on resting periods.

And an early AM, innefective-feeling workout might still be better than none at all, if that’s the alternative.

Several years ago I ended up working until midnight often, and going to the gym immediately after. It actually worked pretty well.