Busy Person Training - What's Next?

Not great at topics, but I finished up Coach Thibs Busy Person Training, and really really liked it. At 53, I was able to get stronger. Curious as to what you may recommend next? Looks like I’m a 1B Neurotype, enjoy training, but can’t spend an hour + or in the gym (time-wise and joint-wise)…

Thank you in advance. I’m open to suggestions of course.

I have always liked Dan John’s suggestion with this simple program:

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Outstanding, thank you

this is a good one;may be right up your alley

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Awesome thank you. MindPump has a similar program. I can tell you the Busy Person Program by Coach Thibs was phenomenal - and much like the programs above requires few lifts but man it works.

Edit: I may be addicted to the Busy Person Program. I’m going to run it again.