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Busts, Seizures, Raids?

On another (and much crappier) board, there was a pretty distressing report from a guy who had his house raided by customs after ordering 70g of bulk hormone powder. He’s now in some serious trouble. Granted, that’s a fair bit of gear. What got me worried is that several responders on that thread mentioned an increase in raids in the US. To be fair, they didn’t provide proof/documentation/etc, so it’s not entirely clear if it was just faulty bro-telligence or something more pernicious is up.

Do those of you who have your ear to the ground (or, in this case, underground) know of a rise in busts/raids? Are more bros going down? If so, is it because they ordered from questionable sources or were idiots themselves?

If anyone has any info they’d like to share and isn’t comfortable putting it out in the open, PM me and we can switch to a different mode of communication. I have some personal reasons for my interest in this.

Wasn’t that Australia?

[quote]etaco wrote:
Wasn’t that Australia?[/quote]

Not as far as I can tell…


Then there was this genius:

70g doesn’t seem like that much…a little high for personal use, but not enough to be dealing it…and I’ve got nothing to offer on your question, sorry.

I just reviewed the thread and it was in Australia.

I read an article from Elitefitness that talked not about a rise is raids and stings but how if you do get nailed they can pretty much throw the fucking book at you. It was a temporary emergency steroid act to combat the “problem” but it appears that it will be passed as a law soon. Lucky us.

On a side note, anyone on this board ever been set up with a controlled delivery?

[quote]E-man wrote:
On a side note, anyone on this board ever been set up with a controlled delivery?[/quote]

If anyone has, did anything jump out at you in hindsight as being off or unusual?

Unfortunately my buddy was caught with 100 amps of Test E, sent to him… package was opened and resealed…sent in two different very descrete packages. I think the fact that it was from Afganistan or Iran might have brought forth some interests…