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BustOfPallas TRT Log


My labs from Defy came back today.
For context, I’m a 52 yo male that trains pretty hard swimming 4 months out of the year and walks 15-20 miles a week, including hilly terrain with a 30 lb weight vest November-March. I’m active doing projects during the weekends too.

Testosterone, Serum 260 ng/dL
Free Testosterone(Direct) 7.5 pg/mL
T4,Free(Direct) 1.33 mIU/mL
DHEA-Sulfate 246.0 ug/dL
TSH 1.840 uIU/mL
Luteinizing Hormone(LH), S LH 4.2
Prostate Specific Ag, Serum 0.9 ng/mL
Insulin-Like Growth Factor I 127 ng/mL
Estradiol, Sensitive 11.1 pg/mL
Triiodothyronine (T3), Free 3.1 pg/mL 2.0 - 4.4 01
Sex Horm Binding Glob, Serum 27.4 nmol/L

I don’t know about the other numbers related to test but my Total T has been 360 last 2 years and this year I felt worse than ever this year.

Looks like I’m clinically low T now so at least there are no questions there. Hovering a few numbers above the bottom of the reference range for the last 2 years has been like purgatory. The sad thing is before they lowered the reference range last year I was already borderline. I felt low before I suspected it, with my body suddenly not responding well to training and exercise that worked great just a few years ago and a libido that was just in the toilet.

I am waiting to get a physical from my regular doctor but I could not get an appointment before December 10 which is a physical I’ve had scheduled for the last 3 months.

What have others done to get around the Defy physical requirement?



I went to a CVS walking in clinic to get my physical. There no way to get around the physical.


There is one next to my work. Maybe I’ll do that. Did they ask you about what you had them sign at all? Did they do blood work?


I’m going to a CVS Minute Clinic today at 4:15PM. Hopefully this time next week I’ll be on therapy awaiting supplies.