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Bust'n Ass

Have messed around the past few months with no drive or direction in my training or life. That ends today. I will be using this thing as my little blog for diet and training. Plan on training for a powerlifting meet this winter and also for taking a shot at my professional card in rodeo steer wrestling.

My training will be begin by using some volume to put some mass back on me (6’1" at 208 down from 222) and getting my groove back in the powerlifts. Going to be following the “Get ready to powerlift” template from elitefts and following Justin Harris’ guidlines for diet. Throw in some steer wrestling practice three-four days a week and it should get very interesting.

Will outline overall diet, measurements, ME lifts, etc along the way. Hope this will give me even more motivation and perhaps get some ideas from others on here. See ya tomorrow.

i suppose that having to wrestle a steer would be pretty good motivation to workout lol

good luck in your efforts.

Yeah, it is pretty good motivation to get going. Whenever you screw up you get to feel it right then. We always call it getting “instant feedback” when you get run over or stepped on.

Some numbers from last meet in Feb at a raw meet, yes I am too much of a wuss to wear all the gear and I can’t take the pain. ha ha

Squat- 480
Bench- 340
Deadlift- 550

The past few months have been pretty unproductive so I’m not real sure where I am at right now. Only way to go is up.

Ok, first training session using the modified 5x5 program. After talking to a couple of training partners I think I’m going to do this instead of the “Get Ready to Powerlift” template. Everything was done very easily. Going to start out slow and get my ass back into shape with lots of GPP in conjunction with the iron.

Squat- 5x5 with sets being 225, 245, 275, 295, 315
Bench- 5X5 with 135, 185, 205, 215, 225
Row- 5x5 with 135, 135, 155, 155, 185
Light Band pull throughs- 2x15
Light Band Abs- 4x20

This was all very easy. Didn’t hardly break a sweat, but want to start out right and get used to squatting 3 times a week.

Defranco warmup for lower body

Big Circuit Four Times Through
Jumping Jacks x50
BW Squats x30
Pull Ups x10
Push Ups x20
Leg Raises x20

Time to get into shape.

Squat and Dead Day

Squat 4x5 225, 245, 275, 275
Military 4x5 95, 115, 125, 135
Deadlift 4x5 275, 295, 315, 335
Sit Ups 3x30

Another light and easy, but I have a feeling by week 5-6 this is gonna hurt.

Conditioning was real fun today. We got in 60 new steers and we have to “train” them to run properly for the rodeo contestants. This means we have to throw them down, get them up, run them, throw them again, hold them down until the stop struggling, then repeat with all of them. These steers are all about 600 pounds and as fresh as they can be. So, we had a great time…minus the getting stepped on and kicked in the ribs once. ha ha ha
Will continue to do this for the rest of the week. Will throw in my lifting when I get some time.

It is a lot of hard work with lots of bumps and bruises, but it is what you have to do in order to become the best!

Ok, so I have a labral tear in my right shoulder and I might even have a bankart fracture, but no x-ray yet. Not sure I’m going to get one either. Shoulder was getting better but now it just pretty much sucks. Don’t really care, not going to get surgery done unless it gets a lot worse. That and hunting season is over. Hard to shoot a bow or shotgun with a sling on. Funny, I see these almost ever day at work and it isn’t that big of a deal but I just don’t want to be out for three-four months. Will keep in mind not to try and do too much. On to training.

Yep, back to old school westside, just feel quicker and more explosive than block training. To each his own.

ME Squat

Free Squat- Max 405
GMs- 5x5 185
SLS- 3x10 45
Side Bends- 45

No belt and way deep. Weight felt light and easy, really pleased considering my shoulder hurts like a bitch in squat position and I haven’t squatted heavy in a long damn time. Time to bust the prowler out, my gpp sucks!

ME Bench

Floor Press- Max 275
Close Grip- 5x8 165
Bent Rows- 3x10 185
Bar Curls- 3x10 95

Again, pretty pleased. Floor press went nice and easy and my shoulder didn’t pop out of socket. A BIG plus! Close grip was way too easy, so will increase those to probably 210-225 area in next couple weeks. Rows were tougher than I thought, and curls…well I just suck at them.

Was on the road by 4.45 this morning. Had a rotator cuff repair case in a town two hours south of me at 7 am. So didn’t get in my early morning running. Going to do some bw stuff this evening and get after the DE stuff for the rest of the week.

BW Circuit (all one big circuit for time, as little rest as possible)

Jumping Jacks 3x50
Moutain Climbers 3x40
Bar Pushups 3x30
Jump Rope 3x100

Had a great DE squat day all lined out. But today was a total pain in the ass and instead I had a “courage day” that consisted on me lifting heavy weights off the groud repeatedly.

Training Session Music Jay-Z and Down, and had me starting with 135x5, doing sets of 5 with 25-50lb jumps, and ended up with 500x5 which is off my PR single by only 55lbs??? I don’t get it and I don’t care. Finished up with 3x15 with 225 in RDLs.

Was screaming, cussing and just about in tears throught the session. Man, I needed this kind of a traning session in the worst way. Way too much shit that I have no control over dictating my life so I went back to the one thing that has been the constant in my life since I was a freshman in high school, the weights.

I know all of you guys feel the same at times, I now feel almost new again…funny how the pain, bloodied shins, tore up hands, and sweat can make you feel whole again. Thank God for the iron…Amen

Back at it! Have been training and even did a meet in June, but have had my whole life turned upside down with career changes, marriage, and my first child coming in February! Very stressful, but very exciting.

Anyway, going back to the big uglies and that is about it. Also going to start sandbag, prowler, sprint, running regiment that will get my ass into shape. Will be using 5/3/1 and just doing good ol’ fashioned hard work. Have set 3 goals that I want to achieve by January. Now it is time for action. Off to go push the prowler.

Sup dude, was wondering what a Defranco warmup would be?

I just use the Defranco warmup with from his first DVD. Really helpful on the lower body stuff especially. Get a good sweat up before you get going, also allows the CNS to get fired up.

I used to just start with the bar and slowly work up. Now that I am 25+ I make sure to get my ass warmed up. Makes everything feel better.

Week so far: Have NOT set my “maxes” because I wanted to see how everything felt before hand. Feeling weak, but ok. Been really hammering the stretching post workout, and seems to be helping.


14x135 Way too easy. But trying to start light.

BB Incline- 5x10 @ 165 (Suck at incline, going to hammer it)
Chins- 60 reps at BW
Skulls- 5x10 @ 75



PowerClean- 3x3 @ 205 (EASY! Kind of pumped for never doing them)
Band Pullthroughs- 3x15
Band Abs- 3x25


11x245 (Weak Sauce)

Close Grip- 2xMax Reps @ 225
Chins- 5x5 @ 45 (easy)
Band Face Pulls- 3x20
Bar Curls- 3x10 @ 95 (suck at curls…and I am OK with that)

Now off to squat, my favorite day!!!