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Busted Wrist, Need Help Adjusting Plan

hi jim/everyone… apologies for the endless questions of late… i will try to keep it breif. basically i have a chronic tendon issue in the top of my wrist that im going to have to lay off from for the foreseeable future. the pain arises under flexion e.g all pressing with bb’s and db’s. however there is no pain even with heavy deadlifts and rows because the wrist is straight no matter how heavy (not sure if it still will be sensible to avoid these). my plan is to still do deads, squats, good mornings and some modified machine exercises for the chest,tris and bi’s that avoid using the wrist to get some hypertrophy in. thats my plan but im at a loss on how to structure it over the week. any help with this would be tremendous. thank you.

Structure the deadlifting and squatting for 5/3/1 like you normally would. On days you would’ve benched or OH Pressed, do your hypertrophy work then. Not that hard, I’ll spell it out for you too

Day 1: Squat 5/3/1

Day 2: Hypertrophy crap (Would’ve been bench day)

Day 3: Deadlift 5/3/1

Day 4: Hypertrophy crap (Would’ve been OH Press day)

Advisory: I’m not Mr.Wendler and this is under the assumption you’re doing a 4 day split.

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awesome! thank you very much : )

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Buy some wrist wraps, wrap them up super tight and see if that helps. If that works, you can loosen them as time goes on as they get stronger. I’d much prefer that to scrapping pressing movements altogether.

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there’s still a degree of pain there even with wraps. i will try once more but any degree of pain is a good sign that im fucking it up further at this point. thanks though.

Just another suggestion going forward and in terms of long term health, I’m not sure if this caused your wrist issue, but make sure you are not letting the weight fall too far behind your wrist when you are pressing if you follow what I’m saying… Keep those knuckles pointed upwards to the extent that you can.

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thats what im pretty sure busted it in the first place to be honest. now im learning the hard way.

forgot to add that i prefer a 3 day split over four.

Then design it yourself. If you already know how to structure a 3 day split w/o your injury, then it should be easy. Just swap out bench and OH press.

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If your pain is that bad then your question is beyond the scope of a forum. Hopefully you see a specialist before you go past the point of know return and you’ll need surgery, which sucks balls! But your enthusiasm is commendable.

yeah i think it might end up being surgery anyway… Its fairly fucked of late.

so ive got a screwed wrist that im not going to be able to use for a while. im looking for some inspiration for exercise i could still manage to build my upper body despite my problem… one idea i had was to perhaps use the cable machine and loop the cable around my wrist ( since i cant press or anything with my hand) and peform curls tricep exercises etc. anyone got any suggestions for me? thanks.

My suggestion is what I would do personally, simply don’t do upper body. If your wrist is as bad as you make it seem, a lot of things could aggravate it and/or make it worse. Buy a splint, nurse it during the day, do some mobility during the night so it doesn’t get stiff, and only do lower body for now. I’d also go to a doctor to get a professional’s opinion.

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thanks again… i have booked in with the doctors so hopefully i can get some treatment soon.

Just make sure you don’t do anything dumb. It’d suck if it was just a sprain or something minor but you kept trying to work out upper body and end up requiring surgery.

tbh honest man i have been dumb with it. dumb training… couldnt rest it because of my job… then left it too long to try and search for treatment. its been a year now and its been manageable up until recently when i started back at the gym but its definitely time i took it seriously and get help. i just hope my gp takes me seriously as they can have a tendancy to fob you off over stuff like this in the uk.

fucking blows man… i had started to finally make some newb gains on 531 after only a short time. at the age of 29 i am getting quite impatient on not being able to realise my strength/physique goals. time is short.

hello jim… i recently tried to start your 531 program but after a short while i realised i have to stop for a long time due to a fucked up left wrist (long term issue). the thread was closed for some reason without your participation which i feel is definitive in my current situation. please could you suggest some manner of leg and back workout that i could do around my screwed wrist? im sure i can squat still… good mornings… ab work. running etc. i was thinking about training these exercises twice per week but haven’t a clue about how to programme it intelligently. any help would be appreciated brother.

perhaps im over thinking it… but just simply going into the gym and doing some random stuff for legs without some manner of structure doenst feel like it will be beneficial.

youre not following. ive had the wrist issue for over a year now. [quote=“dimebag87, post:1, topic:219926”]
have to stop for a long time due to a fucked up left wrist (long term issue).
[/quote] its not going away next week… infact its got worse of late which means no more upper body. so… i am currently trying to get help/diagnosis from my national health service in the uk (shitty at best).

i am very fucking eager to do the work!! … but i currently feel that i would benefit from a little guidance from jim if he would be as kind… in how to organise my training/what i can do despite my fucked wrist. im not here to try and waste anybodys time.