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Busted my cheating girlfriend, was i a bastard?

One night I was about to head over to my girlfriend, of 8 months, house to watch a movie. I was online checking email and since the line was busy she got online to tell me to come over. I’m like: “alright, be over in a few” and I go offline and get ready. Then this idea came to me, so I quickly registered an account under her ex-boyfriend’s name(whose also my old friend), and I log on, and I’m like: “Hey Jessica, long time no see, I got your name off Bob’s list and blah blah blah”. I talk to her for about 20 mins we talk about getting back together and she says: “yea, I think about you all the time, I want to give it another try”. She tells me to check back later after the real me leaves her house so they can talk about getting back together and what not. So I go offline and go to her house. I’m acting like nothing is the matter and I’m actually really hyper and excited becuase I know I’m about to slam this cheating bitch. While she’s in the bathroom I write a note that says something to the effect of: “Josh I want you back…Hahahahahahah”. And I put it into her music box I gave her for her birthday. Well, I leave her house acting like nothing was the matter, and I run home, wait 20 minutes, than get back online as her ex boyfriend. She’s like: “Ok, he’s finally gone, call me”. We get offline and I call her, she answers all excited: “HELLO!!?” and I’m like: “Check your music box” and I hang up. Ten minutes later she calls me back crying and screaming and says: ‘HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME’ and I’m like: ‘Your the cheater’ and hang up. That night I went to sleep laughing my ass off.
Now, all her friends and a few girls I know say I was a total bastard. I’m mean, sure its lame to pose as someone online, but she’s was the cheater. I say, anyone who cheats gives up their right to a fair breakup, and the other party is entitled to a little fun at their expense. Was I really that out of line?

Take a look at my post titled “Insensitive”. Way to go man! You out of line? What about her? There is nothing to discuss. Get on with your life. I will allow no emotional vampires to enter my life ever again!

Your logic is a little faulty, because you didn’t know that she was unfaithful when you were lying to her, which is why you are a bastard for doing this. It was quite deceptive, but you did make the right decision in dropping her. But she really has no right to be upset. She was a bitch for lying to you, and you were a jerk for lying to her, so it’s all even. Don’t let her friends give you a guilt trip.

Nah, I don’t see a problem. Quality detective work, sir. Now some people will join club B&M about how you should have trusted your gf and not invaded her privacy. In this case it seems that would have led to frustration, anger, and some really bad poetry. Nobody enjoys that. “How could you do that to me?” Now there’s some classic self-centeredness. ain’t technology grand?

MBE: “You set it up, he’ll set it on fire since 1815.”


I don’t think she cheated, but even if you do it was entrapment.

Way to go man! Screw her! Sounds like she would have cheated, so even if it is entrapment or whatever, she obviously had other feelings and other ideas! So she got busted. Of course she and her friends are going to blame you and call you a bastard! That’s how people act! They always need a scapegoat. Forget and move on man! There are better fish in the sea.

ENTRAPMENT! HAH! LMAO. Tell it to the judge dude!

Good work man. This is one of the all time classic manouvers in my eyes. Sure you are a mistrusing prick for trying to catch her out in the first place, but you were right. How many times have girls played these sorts of tricks on us.

Have you seen Minority Report? I haven’t, but I know one of the basic questions the movie asks is this: Is it okay to punish some one for something they thought or planned, but didn’t actually follow through with?

“Lead us not into temptation…”

The difference between this and punishing someone for someone for something they were planning is that she agreed to cheat. The fact is if this old boyfriend called her the fragile would have been dropped. Better to end it now, its not like he had to do much convincing while he was posing as the ex boyfriend. Good job, you probably saved some heartache and a whole lot of pride.

You rock, Fuck her…How many of us would have loved the opportunity to bust somebody like that. She deseved it…Good thinking.

You are DA MAN! That sounded like so much fun! I wanna have a go.

My ex tried to trick me before we got together. She called her DDG friend to act as a sexy decoy when I was at a bar with my friends. She was acting really forward, so I instantly thought something smelt kinda fishy, and it sure weren't her breath.

I said to her 'sorry, i'm not interested' (imagine how hard you'd kick yourself if she was for real?). Alas, I scored and passed with flying colors.

Funny ass stuff man, better to find out now that your girl is a trick ass bitch than later. Why is that men always get the bad rap, nice hear that can be can be dogs too. In the words of the finest of all pimps, Snoop Dogg “Bitches aint shit but hos and tricks”

I definitely think you should have dumped her, I just don’t think she actually cheated. Anyway, I’m curious as to what caused you to trick her. Are you always suspicious and untrusting? If so, you might have brought this upon yourself.

That was some excellent undercover work. However, I would have went on a little further. Like ask her if she’s currently seeing anyone and if so what is the state of the relationship. You could have found out what she really thought of you. Don’t worry about what her friends think. They are being totally predictable. Allthough it would be nice if one of them sympahtized with you then maybe you could fuck her. Peace


Personally i think you’re a dumbass. Technically she hadn’t done anything. If anything you’re the moron for not being able to tell that her heart was somewhere else. She was probably thinking about her ex everytime you 2 were fooling around. Sounds to me like she played you. I certainly wouldn’t be bragging about that. Oh yeah, you’ve also ruined any chance with ANY girl that knows your ex-girlfriend. Congrats on that one.

Great work. She was a cheating ho, you just found out before hand. An innocent person has nothing to hide. She had a lot to hide.

Hahahaha was that ever sweet. Maybe you wernt being a good partner and she was thinking of how good her last BF was to her, or maybe she was a TWO TIMING CHEATING BITCH! Good work.

Hold on…I think I missed something here. She only talked to ‘him’ right? She never actually cheated at all. Don’t dislocate your arm while patting yourself on the back, since you obviously weren’t making the grade if she ‘was thinking about him all the time’. Sure, maybe she would have cheated on you, but maybe she would have broken up with you to get back to gether with him. Yeah, by lieing to her you found out you were on the road out - but that makes you the liar. You have no idea what she was planning to do. She wanted to talk about getting back together, she didn’t say ‘come over tonight after my boyfriend leaves and fuck me’. Sorry, she wasn’t exactly being honest with you, but you are the one who set her up.

Go on and pat yourself on the back, what are you going to wait to get screwed over? Fuck that. You did the right thing. The handwriting was on the wall.