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Busted Knuckle Garage Workouts


Okay so I have been lurking a bit and decided it must be time to actually participate in the forum.
Here we go---
29yrs old
Married mother of 2 boys
Rancher owner/operator of a 2000 acre cattle ranch (roughly 150-170 hd of cattle)

Training Maxes
deads - 235lbs
Bench - 155lbs
Military Press - 125lbs
Squat - 205lbs

280lb on deadlift
20 pullups (currently at 14)
Dips +75lbs
5 one arm pushup (currently doing questionable form)

Okay so that is the long & short of what is going on with me. Oh yea I am using 5/3/1 program, have been since april. I love it and have made awesome progress on it. Been training for 3 years... I currently train down in my car garage, usually in the morning (about 5 a.m). Only way to get my workouts done with proper focus and concentration without kids, cows, hubby or other things interferring with me. I usually dont have a day off, I am always doing something. But I lift heavy on Sun, MOn, Wed & Fri.

Workout #1
5/3/1 Press
USA Shoulder Circuit (USA = TRX)
seated shoulder press

Workout #2
5/3/1 Deadlift
Rows of some kind

Workout #3
5/3/1 Bench
One arm pushup
lever pushup
tricep press
USA chest fly

Workout #4
5/3/1 squat
zercher squats
lunges or step ups

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays(I try to focus on these random things on these days)
60 pullups
burpees (200 a week is my goal)
Handstand practice
tire flips
standing ab rollouts

Yea you get the idea. I have a bunch of things that interest me and I try to keep focused but at times my ADD get the best of me :slightly_smiling: Hopefully you got the gist of most of my training and what I do.



Morning warm up of
jumpropes x 100 turns
indian club swinging
Mobility for hips & shoulders

5/3/1 Deadlift
190lbs x 3 reps
200lbs x 3 reps
215lbs x 9 reps (p.r. for me, pretty stoked about this)

Accessory work
HLR 5sets x 10
Static Plank 2min 15 sec
Full bridge 2 x 12

deads were on the money today, felt in the game today. I cut my hand the other day and have been worried about my grip being affected, seems to be okay though. 6 stitches in the webbing between my thumb and forefinger. All in all great workout.


your max dead is 235 but you can rep 215 for 9 with a stitched hand?
maybe you need a reset?

Your bench and pressing are pretty hot for your 138lbs.





nice workouts! i agree with n! I think you have your 280 dl no prob now! and 14 pull ups? I am envious!


Well those are my training maxes, not my actual 1 rp max. I had some issues with the deads a while ago & I set the weight back on em some - so I am taking it nice and slow getting back into em.
Thanks for the welcome Brute & N.


oh i see! that can be beneficial, toning down a bit. Excellent work non the less!


I'm really looking forward to following your training. I'm also a 5-3-1 junkie who trains in the early am in my garage. Your numbers are super impressive. With your pullup abilities, your handstands, and your lever pushups--can I assume you have a gymnastics background?



60 pullups - did 6 sets of 10
100 burpees (make 220 for the week)
handstand work - going from crowstands to handstands. It is very ugly and not smooth but I am getting stronger at them and able to do them for a bit longer.

Have not done the pullups for about a week, felt good to get them in. Later I am going to do some mobility stuff for bench & squat. I am a day behind on my workouts this week - so I think I will do both benching and squats tomorrow.


Ugh pull-ups - that's an amazing amount. Do you do them overhand? Your back looks very strong from your avatar photo.
I'm guessing that you must do a lot of physical stuff ranching those cattle - where d'you find the energy to do that, workout and raise a family?


I'm late getting in... but looking forward to following your log. I'm picturing your barn gym as quite romantic! (in an iron sense of the word). Pics of barn gym welcome :slightly_smiling:


Sweet sweet job on the p-ups! That's a strong number. What makes it even more impressive is all the other responsibilities you juggle.

Look forward to reading this thread.


Welcome to the non-lurking part of PW :slightly_smiling:

You have great training stats, and I'm so jell-o of the pull-ups haha


Nadia- nope on the gymnastic background. I think that kind of thing is rockin' awesome though and maybe I get a bit sidetracked in my training by stuff like that but oh well. I enjoy it and think its fun. It took me a long time to get disciplined enough to wake up early and work out. The hardest part is in the winter, I dont have heat in the garage so it gets a bit nippy. I have a little propane heater to keep the chill off but when it gets below zero it gets a bit tougher to make it happen :wink:

Cal - I do the pullups however I feel like doing em that day.. Today was overhand though, Saturday I will do them underhand and on Tuesday maybe I will do them neutral grip. Lots of physical activity, but not as much as there should be some days. As far as energy goes, I just keep plugging along with it and it eventually all gets handled. But yea I am busy and at times feel overwhelmed. Very rewarding lifestyle though and it has more perks than not.

Hallowed-- I will get some pics of my cave up soon. It is a garage more than a barn though, although I keep all kinds of barn type things in there. No animals though - well during hunting season I hang my deer in there to age a bit, but that is about all on the animal end. Thanks!

print- thanks for the props. It all seems to come together for me.


Nikki - thanks for the welcome. It took me over a year to get my pullups to that #. But I started out my fitness journey doing Bodyweight stuff so it kind of my base and how I got into training, makes me appreciate how far I have come.


Dang, 155 bench at 138 is pretty good :wink:


My mind has already declared it a barn! And now that you've added the prospect of hanging animal carcasses... well you've just barbarianed the romance.


I wanna come live on your ranch. Oh, and I want a purdy back like yours (that is your lovely back in your avi, right?)


Hallowed-- sounds okay to me, you can make it whatever you want.

Plucky-- yep that be my back. Come on up, plenty of room for guest.


wow you get a hardcore bitch medal. training with a hanging dead animal? for realz?