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Busted: Guy Threatens the Prez



What an idiot.


That is epic hilarity.


Pretty funny. The mod is a douche for actually reporting it, though, obviously, the kid is a moron for posting something like that in the first place.

Wonder if he's gonna argue 'roid rage for this one?


That is priceless.


lol.... someone didn't pay attention in history class...


What the hell? USA is so fucked up. But maybe the biggest ownage ever. Really.


That was so great. I bet Dick Cheney will just work him over real good with a defibrillator and then let him go. I noticed they had to get a subpoena. I thought "the government" just did whatever they wanted and hacked into or wiretapped anything they wanted. I guess I'm being lied to, and not by the Bush Administration.


That's only for suspected terrorists.


I never read the BB.com forums, but I read that whole damn thread. Gawd...I'm starting to see why people hate on that site. They must have posted those two "You're gonna get raped" pictures twenty times...it's really not that funny... Maybe they just have really bad Attention Deficit Disorder.

EDIT: Hey, I just noticed that if you look at my dog after reading my message, you can kind of imagine that she just said everything I just wrote...ha ha ha!


Got weed?


AHhaha, he was lyke seriously, we kill that mofo. Then he was like, i wonly said we should kill that mofo. I am really soury, it was a bad joke and i cont sbell for spit.

hahaha it would be great if he was like, GOTCHA! I messaged the board and they thought I was the Secret Service. Too many reports to the FBI to take all seriously. Anyway, he could argue it was a baseless threat. Unless he had a gun or something that can kill somebody with some range, it can't be considered assault due to the lack of ability to continue through with it.

your trippin on shrooms.


At least our country didn't get its ass kicked by the Soviets.


I think the best part is if you look at his public profile all kinds of people left comments on it saying...

"Don't drop the soap"
"You're going to get Raped"
"Get bunghole insurance"

awesome hahahahahahah


That special agent looked like shit.


i know the kid is an idiot, but it just looks pathetic for a bunch of grown men to be that excited that young kid is getting this shit scared out of him, they are telling him he has screwed up his entire life, and they seem to be enjoying it.

It reminds me why i spent 2 weeks on that forum, then never went back after i found T-Nation.