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Busted By Facebook!


Basically some dude told his boss that he couldn't go to work due to a family emergency, when in fact he just wanted to go to a halloween party. Unfortunately, his boss apparently knows how to operate facebook and was able to bust him. The worst part about it is probably the costume.



Nice costume and choice of beer. He deserves to be fired on principle alone!

I honestly don't know why seemingly intelligent people will post stupid shit on Facebook or Myspace. If you wouldn't be comfortable with your parents seeing it, don't post it.


well, he's only an intern and basically you get out of it what you put into it.

the real douche is the person who sent this all over the internet saying that tinkerbell said it was a "'family emergency'". nowhere did the kid use those words.


Good point, he did get misquoted. Nevertheless, you definitely run a risk when you use websites like facebook.



Yeah too much stupid ass shit on facebook sometimes.


What a fairy fuck.


Facebook and Myspace seem to be getting a lot of people in trouble. When are kids(my age ha) going to learn that when you put something on the interwebz that people are going to find out about it?

I had a kid I went to school with who got in serious trouble (jail time) because he said his "gang's" name to a person he and a bunch of buddies jumped, that person searched myspace for that name and got pictures of all the people who robbed him and promptly called the police.


Fucking Fairies.

Dude is pretty jacked though.


Bah, the fact he wore the gayest costume ever to a party shows he at least has a sense of humor (or very repressed sexual issues).


I'd hit it


lol. He's gonna have to have one with that pic of him all over the net!


Getting on facebook was one of the stupidest things I've done. With picture tagging it's basically a super tool for girls to keep track of you.


What? I got onto facebook praying that girls would keep track of me.


I'm sorry, my sarcasm meter is off. Was that a joke?


Back when I had a Myspace, all I got was some creepy old geezer stalking me. I had my occupation listed in my profile and the dude said that's what he did too and wanted to meet me to "talk about work". Yeah ok ya psycho. Hot chicks probably deal with that kind of shit daily. And they probably like it.


He looks a lot like Mariusz Pudzianowski, don't you think?


For those of you that don't know about facebook, it has a "picture tagging" feature where someone takes a picture of you and uploads it, then tags it with your name so it gets linked directly to your profile. The fact that this new picture of you has been uploaded is then broadcast to the world so your friends can see what you're doing at all times.

So the girl you have the date with Saturday knows all about the girl you went out with on Friday because your stupid friend took a picture and put it on facebook.


That's OK, because if I even had a date on Friday I would be so... happy....




This guy's response pretty much sums up my thoughts: