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Busta Rhymes Got Big!


did yall notice that Busta Rhymes put some serious mass on? i saw that touch it video today and about shit myself. last time i saw him he was a skinny son bitch. heres him a while back.


then heres him now





That's huge.

Is he going to enter the Olympia this year?


Seriously though, it looks like he went from skinny to normal. And that's good.

Just look at the picture. It's only of the upper 2/3 of his upper back. Anyone would look big like that. But like I said, nice to see someone gain muscle.


actually he's been a pretty built guy for quite sometime... he just started hitting the weights its nothing really that serious. He's not even that big just pretty built

He looks like he deadlifted a few times basically.

lol its amazing who we get so enthralled by someone having a physique that he means he walked into 24hr lol


Ditto on that, man. Borderline Joe Average.


yeah i noticed it when i was watching "th shop" on mtv, his neck is huge.


yeh i probably over emphasized it but i just thought it was kinda crazy


I have seen him on one of the video shows and he is more developed than that photo. He certainly put on some good size.


If he's jacked enough to take out Michael Meyers in Halloween: Ressurection, that's good enough for me.

Actually, if I remember correctly, he looked pretty good in Shaft too.


you guys know how tall he is?


hahaha, did anyone else notice that he only had one sideburn in that movie


This is the body of a juicer?


Must be apple.

Either that or it's his excuse for having small balls.


Tattoos like that make anybody look immediately more muscular. Although I agree, I certainly wouldn't qualify him as "big" by any means.

Just saying, because after I got a tattoo that ran from rear delt to rear delt, my back immediately looked wider...

The only exception would be Usher, who has tattoos all over his back, and is still the skinniest, yet somehow incredibly arrogant about how "buff" he is, piece of shit I've ever seen...