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Check out the video that goes with it. Gotta love the security cameras on the trailer.

He was a remailer for Pinnacle Labs.




Its hilarious the way they treat AAS the cops act like they found 500,000 worth of cocaine. Its a joke, but apparently a very serious one to the police


And people wonder why others get so pissed about asking or mentioning sources in a public forum.


Looking at the website, I noticed these other things going on while the heroic drug squad was busy busting mom & pop's house (with their legally owned pistol displayed like it was for criminal purposes).....

Body Found In White Rock Lake
Man Fatally Stabbed Outside Jail
Officers Injured In Motorcycle Procession Crash
Text Messaging Teen Blamed In Fatal Wreck
Car Catches Fire After Cigarette Lighter Explodes

Looks like the local constabulary would have plenty other things, like finding real actual threats to society, i.e. violent criminals, etc to keep themselves busy IMVHO....


You'd think narcs in the DFW area would have much bigger and better things to do, but I guess it would entail actual physical and mental effort on their part. Great bust, "heroes."


WOW! I saw them on a couple of boards and now I'm glad I never order from them!!!! What will happen to the thousands of people that did order from them???? I'm sure the cops have all of his computer information?


They said arrests from this info have been made as far away as Michigan and California. I'd say if you ordered from them it's time to clean house.


Yeah, it's Texas. Who doesn't own a gun? It's funny how they display the (legally owned) gun as though it validates the time and money put into the operation. Because there's a gun he must have been a violent criminal and a danger to the community.


even better, the ads at the top of that web page's site are for gastric banding. shouldn't that be outlawed before sauce?

here is the link:


what a hoot


Isn't anyone concerned about all these busts lately? I mean what is going to happen to all the people that bought goods off of these dealers that are getting busted? There really is no way for the police to arrest everyone, is there???? Or do they just go after the big guys and leave the small stuff alone?


They would probably just go for the guys with larger orders. I'm doubt they can arrest you for showing up in some guy's computer as a customer. I bet if you got a good lawyer you could get out of it, or reduce any charges significantly. They'd probably use the list to obtain warrants, and catch the customers with steroids in their houses.


I race BMX bikes and this guy coincidentally enough races and has kids that race and is a frequent poster on a BMX board under the handle "Sirjuicealot".

Small ass world kinda thing to read about it on two unrelated forums.


While it sounds stupid, I feel safer ordering from overseas or locally from guys who don't keep records. This is also the reason I love buying powder oversees as I can get supplies to last a long while and keep it low profile.