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Bust Booster

Oh, jeez! I get a weekly e-mail from a discount online supplement store, and I got one today that had me just cracking up. Here’s the text:

BUST BOOSTER - Increase Your Bust in Minutes!

In-large your breast size naturally!

How does Bust Booster work? It’s really very simple. The unique combination of active compounds in Bust Booster causes your breasts to swell through a clinically proven process (vasodilation) that enlarges the breasts’ vast capillary matrix. The same physiology that causes genital expansion. As the underlying capillary foundation expands, your breasts will get bigger - visibly bigger - beginning in seconds, maximizing in minutes, and lasting for hours.

Any comments?

Must work like LONGitude and those other cock-enhancing pills. I wonder what would happen if a woman took the guy’s pills and the guy took the woman’s pills?? Enlarged clits and man breasts?

Niiiice. That is actually better than the machine I saw in my gym yesterday. It was called “The Butt Blaster.” I have no idea what it is intended to do, and I would rather not know.

me like boobies

They have a machine at my gym called the Butt Blaster too! LOL! I see women using that thing all the time! ha ha ha ha ha

Well, I originally posted this with the title “breast viagra”, but it got changed somewhere along the way (I may have done it myself, don’t remember). I can just see the scenario –

him: Hey! I thought you were a D cup last night. What gives?

her: I was. But that was last night. This is my natural size. I took Bust Booster.

him: Oh. Can you double the dose?

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What gym do you go to? I go to Sucky’s, err Bally’s. Also, where are you located? I see your talking about starting up with Renegade Training again, good to hear!

I’m in Florida bro. I train in a dungeon of a gym (only $99 a year!) with plenty of free weights (mostly old and rusty), leaks in the ceilings, A/C that doesn’t work, and very few women (too scared to join!). Actually, Jason Braswell and I train in the same gym (www.gainesvillegym.com). And yes, I’ll be back to Renegade Training as of Monday. Man, I can’t wait. I haven’t done it since last year, and my training hasn’t been as good since then (except for the few months I was working on just strength training - Jan to April). I’ll be tearing it up soon enough. I have everything ready to go (towels, jump rope, kbell, sled, weights, etc).

i too have seen the butt blaster, actually i even tried it once. funny thing, i didnt feel a damn thing in my glutes, it was all in the hammys. the average health club member will always choose fancy machines such as the butt blaster over the good old fashioned stuff.

Why are people in North America so into the size of things in the 1st place? What a stupid obsession. Big boobs doesn’t say anything about a girl’s work ethic, determination, intelligence, etc. Who would ever look at a girl showing off her tits & think ‘wow she must have worked her ass off to get those. I really respect that.’ ??? I don’t like boobs any less than any other guy but size is nothing. (but of course I notice, just like I notice whether a girl is tall or not, etc) PS- it’s what I really think, not just what a girl would want to hear.

Damn, your gym sounds like the type of gym I need to go to. Actually, I really just need to build a home gym. One day.

Anyways, have fun with your Renegade Training.

Feel free to move here and join. Then Jason and I won’t get so many weird looks when we go through our Renegade Training! Thanks!

Sounds like female synthol…

Haha. Sorry, I like living here on the West Coast, even when it’s raining like today. Don’t worry though, I get those looks too.

Karma, how about trying it and showing us some before and after pictures? :slight_smile:

For God’s sake, be careful taking those pills. I know a girl who took them upside down and her ass grew :slight_smile:

I’ll take the boob enlarging pills if you take the penis enlarging pills and we can compare notes. Sound good? :wink: My tits and your shlong will be dragging on the ground…we’ll be the talk of the town!

I think you have that backwards Karma. You try the dong pills and let our mate there try the boob pills. And as observed above follow the directions carefully and do not take them up side down. I read that advert and couldn’t stop laughing!!! Tits with a hard on!!! I love it!

‘‘a girl’s work ethic, determination, intelligence, etc’’ doth not increase rigidity of the lingam nor make the orgasm more vigorous.

My god her work ethic I could pound nails!

p-dog if your who i think you are, then you are truley gay. wtf are you doing on a buttblaster?lol. those are for women. folks he has a thigh master at home, i cought him using it once.