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Business Trip to Europe and Hotel Food


Hi all,

I would appreciate some advice on the problem I am facing. I am due to take a two week business trip through Europe, staying in a new town/hotel every night. I am not too concerned with training, as I have timed my training program such that I will be on my off week in terms of heavy lifting - which will now be an extended break to 2 weeks, so I may just try and do some running or cardio in the hotel gyms. However dragging a suitcase around an airport could be quite strenuous in itself.

1. Considering the typical breakfast menus at these European hotels, which consist of bread, bread, bread, cereal, a few fruits and some cheese, what are my best options?
2. Lunch and supper will typically be on the road or a business meeting! ARGH! So not many options here as I would just have to make the best decisions based on the menu.
3. Best to buy a protein supplement on the trip? How are they with international flights within EU and carrying powders?

Thanks for any advice and looking forward to your response.


I just recently returned from Russia and experienced some of the same problems. I brought over a couple jugs of protein powder and had no problems with them in terms of getting through customs. As long as your supplements aren't illegal and don't look like they are intended for resale, you should be fine.


I'm sure you can carry powders without a problem, just keep them in your main luggage.

Hell, I'd get a few kg's of biltong and vacuum seal it, keeping it as a snack.

You may be surprised at the food in some of the EU countries, not all bread as you may think (especially the eastern parts).


If you're going for a few weeks (2) just chill out and don't worry too much about your diet. Just exercise portion control and enjoy the trip instead.

You should be okay with protein, I brought 2 jugs of casein on an international flight and had no problems.


Eggs for breakfast, chicken for lunch, and fish for dinner.


I have had several trips to Europe (France & Italy mostly) for work, anywhere from two weeks to five weeks. Most nicer hotels (4 star) have a decent breakfast with yogurt, fruit, scrambled eggs, and cold cut meats & cheeses. You can get definitely get your protein, but the rest of the day you will need protein shakes. It is not a problem to pack a couple buckets of low carb Metabolic Drive in your suitcase. Bring a shaker or two with you as well and pack them in you computer bag.

Most hotels don't have a gym though, so enjoy the bread and pastries in moderation.


agreed. Done this a lot myself. Just bring a little protein and if ur planning on having a big dinner/night out, watch what you eat early n the day and go hungry a little . Your muscles won't fall off from eating slightly less cleen foods for a little!


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Exercise a bit of caution with this, and check about the countries import regulations before hand as i know for a fact that it is currently illegal to import biltong to the UK.