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Business Moving Allowance?


I have recently gotten a new job for a company in New York, it will require me to move from Atlanta to New York. The company has given me a 2500 moving allowance, all I have to do is provide them receipts and give them whatever change there is.

My question is directed for people working for corporations or have gone through a moving allowance experience: What all is covered by this?

I know that gas, Uhaul rental, food, etc. is covered, but what else?

For example, could I just say fuck the whole moving my old shit and just take the 2500 and buy new furniture, etc?

Let me know.


when i moved to NY i just sent them every bill that was related to moving here. It was part of the agreement.



Without looking up the rules, I believe you can write off what they don't reimburse personally. (Which means you are paying 90%-70% dollars for your furniture if they don't reimburse.)

Although each company is different, I can only reimburse for expenses deductible by my company. I don't think t would hurt to ask them what you can reimburse for.

When are you moving? I don't have time to look it up right now, but wouldn't mind doing it later.


Sometime within the next month.

I just think it would make sense for everyone if I could use the money to buy shit from IKEA because the Uhaul alone is gnna cost like 1100, you know how much shityou can get from ikea for 1100?


I would call up HR at the company who hired you if furniture is covered before you buy anything. My company hired a moving company to pack, haul, then unpack all my shit, and the bill just went to them.

Congratulations on the job.