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Well , this whole thing started when I was planing on opening an advertising agency , but as I was getting ready, my dad and uncle jumped in and asked me something bigger. As my uncle(an economist) lives in Switzerland , my dad (a psychiatrist) proposed that we start an import business (i live in Albania, which is situated in southern Europe).

It seemed an amazing idea, i mean if we get the right ideas we could create something big. Now I would like to ask you my fellow TNationeers, which swiss products ,famous or not would you buy,also in your country what ,in your opinion, would sell to the masses?


Did you realize this is your 666 post. I am sure the Ct Chocula would love to talk to you.

Swedish female models may be good idea to sale.


Bitches and chocolate.
marl you know you can trust me


I'll play, but first I think you should put your empathy hat on. Why don't you tell us what Swiss products YOU think Americans would want to buy and why.

I own several Swiss products from my briefcase/computer tote to several knives and a nice timepiece.

I exported a few vehicles and some construction equipment to South America and the biggest challenge I faced was severe inconsistency with the customs officials/tariffs/under the table "expedition fees" in Chile. It got to the point where I couldn't accurately predict my profit nor guarantee a delivery on time (leading to lack of performance penalties). So I stopped.

I hope you have better luck than I did.


Hmmmm, maybe vacation packages to the alps. That's all.

You might be smart to get off T-Nation and open channels with local jewelry stores and grocers to supply watches and chocolate, if swiss watch and chocolate makers authorize you to be a dealer of course.

What else does switzerland produce?


Why the fuck would you send cars to S. America? You are supposed to send cheap shit to expensive countries on a mark up. Of course your venture failed!


Well its not like he bought the cars man come on. :slightly_smiling:


Knives and pacifists.


Oh I see. I guess that makes sense. But Mexico is so much closer. Surely gas money to the border costs less than international shipping. Still FAIL.


  1. Don't sell to people. Sell to industry/business/governments. Much better margins than consumer products.

  2. I used a really nice Swiss range finder and scope in the IDF to great effect. I can't remember who made it, but I've looked in the USA (I'd rember the name if I saw it -- Kern?), and have never found it.


I'm sorry, but I failed to see you list of what you've done to be successful...


if common sense is for sale, may wanna buy that to start a business


These guys? http://www.zeiss.com/C1256BCF0020BE5F?Open

I've peeked through one of these and compared them to others, and they are extraordinarily clear and accurate.

For industry- ESAB welding and cutting equipment. They are already established in the US pretty well, but breaking the hold that Lincoln and Miller have would be tough. They are very aggressive in getting people brand loyal to their equipment from the get go.


Well old chap ( And I did miss you) I will tell you. Whether you choose to believe me or not is up to you of course.

I did all the usual kid stuff, sports, good grades, extra curriculars and completed an MBA at a Tier 1 university.

I went to work for an advertising agency and became an Account Executive in short order. I had people twice my age working under me. Advertising tanked and I knew I could make more money working for myself any ways so I quit and started an annuity whole sale business.

I'm in my second year of operations and project $2.7 million in revenue. Not a sock knocking number by any means but my overhead is a small office space, an assistant (secretary), commissiion to 4 sales associates and a CPA's quarterly fees.

Every month I add financial and insurance agents to my client list, I expect my company to $5 mil in revenues within 4 years.

I am 28 years old.

Believe, don't believe it, destroy my character for bragging online but remember you asked.

I sure as fuck don't take premium products from a developed nation and ship them to market in 3rd world countries.


Hold on... Before I say anything else....



I love you Hungry. Give me a tiger growl.


Ah shit!! Welcome back!!!

How's life been treating you?


Pretty well as you can see. My physique has been slipping unfortunately. I know pussy's make excuses but I've been a busy and stressed out bee.

I'm at a point though where I can put some pressure on a few minions and felt it was time to re-visit the ol' T-Nation crew and hit the gym with a real intensity again, so thanks for the welcome!

How are you?


Well, stress can screw you up like nothing else, so it's understandable. Especially, if you've been getting established with a new business like you have. The gym groove comes back easily at your age, anyway.

I'm glad things are going your way. Seriously.

Me? I'm just trying to stay employed and be a decent husband, these days. The Cable company that I worked for over 13 years, sold our department and others, to a vendor in 2010. Then, they started laying off and outsourcing what they can. I should be ok, since I have a couple of technical skills and knowledge that are not easy to come by.... we'll see....

Why the name change.... again?


Thanks for the good thoughts and please accept my well wishes, I hope the merger fall out favors you. My old sn's don't work. Maybe I was banned, not sure.