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Business Idea


You guys know how there's gyms like "Curves" specifically for women? Well, do you guys think a gym that caters specifically towards fat people would be at all successful? Just throwin this out there, lemme know what you guys think.


They've already got one for men called "Cuts".

You might look into a franchise.


If I was gonna go for a franchise, I'd probably definitely lean towards Bally's. I want to own a business, that's my goal. I just don't know how to go about it.


I'm not sure how this would work.

Would you get kicked out after you lost weight? Would you want to stay there after you lose weight? Would going to a place with a bunch of people that are just as fat as you be motivating in the least? I guess my question is: why?

I can just imagine the billboards advertising your place...


Uh well that's Curves. Curves isn't for women. It's for fat women.


I did not know that.


Well if you're going to be successfull in business you might want to stay away from calling them fat.


Heres a farfetched idea, have a exercise facility targeted towards fat people, but also have a "healthy" diner where the clients could go before or after their workout to get in a meal.


I think we need to start opening T-Town franchises across the US. I'm talking indoor tracks, power racks, metal, and a JB/LL approved restaurant and bar. Shit. I wish such a place existed.


I would drop Golds gym like a bad fucking habit if T-Gym opened up. Holy shit.

But about a "Fatties Gym" I don't really think it would take it, but what do i know?

There are already a bunch of fat people going to the regular gyms, so I don't think the atmosphere is the problem.

Whatever you decide to do... Get the information out there. Have pamphletes about how to lose weight safely...About the "Top 10" exercises you can do. Stuff like that would help out.


And what would be the PC name of this franchise? "Lard" ?

Just kidding! :stuck_out_tongue: