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Hey, just wondering what yall do for slacks and shirts. Mainly shirts.

So far the only shirts I’ve found that actually fit halfway decently are (amazingly enough) at Target. None of the department stores have shirts that have a big enough drop (the size difference between chest and waist) for my frame, even the so-called athletic cuts. Even Express Men doesn’t quite cut it. 48" chest and 32" waist. Pain in the butt. Not that I’m complaining lol.

do you have to get everything tailored or have you found some stores that actually have shirts that fit reasonably well off the rack.

First, good article.

Second, for that kind of drop I really don’t see how you could get anything but tailored, unless you like a real loose fit. Plus, with a 48’’ chest I’m guessing your shoulders are well developed, making it even harder to get something off the rack.

Tailored doesn’t have to be expensive though.

Make sure you measure the neck too. Ive bought some fairly large shirts that fit around my chest and miss the mark on my neck making it hard to close and put a tie one.

In the UK i find Debenhams quite good. They let me pick the jacket/pants in the right sizes rather than having to get a 6" drop suit. I’m currently a 44 chest, 36" waist, but the 36’s are a little large so need to get them taken in.

Also need to get a pair of 38’s taken in, but they will need some major work!