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Bush's State of the union adress.

What does everyone think aboout his shot at steroid use in professional sports?

If he was interested in singling out this issue as important, then I think that the ban will go forward very quickly.

I think they forgot to take it out of the final draft. Didn’t fit in with the theme of the address.

What do you think those pellets are that he shoots into his herds ears all the time? GW would have been better off staying out of that controversy since he is one of the biggest buyers of Fina in Texas.

Are you calling the president a hypocrite? or are you saying that he’s ignorant? Either way, those aren’t human beings. He pointed out that government’s chief role was in protecting its citizens.

Even my hero GW, along with the rest of us, can be a bit hypocritical at times. However, those are not just animals. They are feed cattle that you and I and the rest of America eats. My only point is that if you want to rant and rave about humans using steroids, don’t then sell them meat that has been plumped up with roids. That is just a bit of the “do as I say, but not as I do” syndrome, at least in this dummy’s mind.

His ranch is not any where near big enough for him to be one of the biggest buyers of Fina.

Its great that Bush addressed such a enormous world problem such as steroids instead of issues such as AIDS in Africa…
oh yeah, I forgot that 15 billion he pledged last year has cleared up that pesky wee epidemic. check that one off on the laundry list.

Wonder where that 15 billion is now…probably gettin’ some sun in the tropics or taking in a show on Broadway.

Protecting its citizens is fine, its when they want to live their lives for them that the idea loses its luster.

That was real?! I saw it at 4 this morning, but it just seemed so out of place I thought I had imagined it. I wonder where this idea suddenly came from…
This is really unfortunate, as the medical community and the scientific “powers that be” were just starting to see the benefit (medically speaking). A new agenda against AS will set that back a decade or two.

Protecting it’s citizens is one thing. Homeland security and our armed forces are for that. But when the government is going to tell me what I can and/or can’t put into my body, that is not protection. It’s not like we are some sort of sheep. Most people do research, read directions, and follow them before taking any supplements. Granted there are some ignorant bastards out there that ruin a good thing for the rest of us but that’s their choice. Telling the majority that this is not good for you so you can’t have it anymore because of the stupidity of a few is not “protecting our citizens”. Maybe, Dubya will take his head out of his ass long enough for someone intelligent to explain that to him but, I doubt it.

I didn’t realize that the use of steroids by pro athletes was a priority issue for America.

By most accounts his speech was not a smash hit, it sounded like an election-year pitch that lacked any forward vision. It sounded like a recap of what he did over the last 3 years and came off as being defensive.

There was zero inspiration there for most people, in my opinion. No “Ask not what your country can do for you” or “I have a dream” etc.

Even some conservatives are expresssing some dissapointment…

Well, there is always the loss of overtime wages to cheer people up.