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Bush's Speech

Not bad. Its about time we hear something straight from the top instead of from the media. At the very least it gives people a different perspective they can take anyway they like.


Bush reassured me tonight. He receives a great deal of negative press. Some of it is his fault. I feel he should reach out to the press. A little press flattery would go a long way.

On the whole, it was balanced and measured. I hope we have sown the seeds of a lasting Democracy.

Please remember, my friends, our first 200+ years of Democracy have had periods of intense turbulence. I agree with the President, most people will pick freedom and liberty. Let’s hope it sticks,


I’m sure he did Jeff.

Any one of us could write any one of his speeches.

I was disappointed. I believe we should pull out and give up when the going gets tough; just like on that last rep of a below parallell set of squats: just crumple up on the next to last rep…no need to go all the way past pain…

Well, I happy he didn’t reverse himself, or he might be in a position where he’d have to admit a mistake. A president should unerringly perservere at all costs.

very vague… but better than nothing

A load of crap as usual

Load of crap as usual? I don’t think so my friend. The reason he has to continuously repeat himself in these speeches is to remind ignorant people such as yourself what the focus is in Iraq and why we must stay there and help these people. How will it make us look if we pull out? We have to show strength, and that’s just what Bush is doing. He’s a man of his word. He said he’d stay the course and he did. Even if you don’t like him, you have to respect him for that.

Wow perspectives, you see him as a man of strength, staying the course, not letting his resolve being shaken.

I see him as a not very bright guy who was manipulated by the people around him and who is now dealing with the consequences of rushing into something halfcocked!

Any politician can read a speech, republican or democrat telling the people what they want to hear.
To me he looks, so rehearsed looking from right to left, pausing for effect, shaking his head!

I can’t wait to see him in the debates when it is not scripted!!!

Well Elkhtr…he did a pretty good job of upstaging ex vice-perpatrator albore in 2000!!!

“Even if you don’t like him, you have to respect him for that.”

–>Um, no, you don’t. Especially not if you didn’t like the course to begin with. No respect necessary.

PTDR: Upstaging? Are you kidding? Bush has to be the worst speaker ever! C’mon! Is this even debatable? The man can’t deliver a speech much less hold his own in a debate…Kerry will tear him to pieces!

Hey, I happen to like the woodman style of oration!

Excellent comments by lucid, JeffR and PtrDr!

It was good to see the President out front leading the way. I also think that the plan is good. It will be an easing out of Iraq instead of a obvious, all at once pull out.

As Iraq takes total control of their own future they will have to deal with the terrorists, without a US buffer (or a small one). I think when this occurs there will be a great deal of help coming from the civilian population, informants etc.

I was actually quite pleased with the Presidents speech over all. I cannot say that I am usually very pleased when I listen to him. He is not a “great communicator” like a Ronald Reagen or even Bill Clinton. However, last night was just a bit better than usual. I would give him a “B” relative delivery and over all performance. And an “A” for content.

I think those who want more specifics (such as Joe Biden asked for) need to be relaistic relative to the enormous task that the US is involved in. A President needs to paint “the big picture” and rally the people. I think he did that last night.

I think that because he gives speeches the way he does makes him a good president. RSU will make fun of him saying anyone could write his speeches, True, but the key point there is that also anyone can understand his speeches. He does not put any extra flair into them, he says what he needs to say and thats it. I am glad my president is not full of shit.

And Elk, I don’t think the president is saying things to become more popular, he is definately not pandering, he is keeping with what he started with, being consistant. We all know how much consistancy plays a role in acheiving goals in the gym, i’m sure there is some carry over to politics and running a country as well.

Thirdly, I read on another thread how all these genrals were saying what big mistakes the president has made. Ok point them out clearly, and tell me what differences would there be if he didn’t make them. Our mission over in Iraq in 50 years will be tought in schools as the greates military victory and libertation of a country in the history of the world.

Any one care to find out how many people died in the american revolution? Then we can add in the civil war too, that was all part of a nation growing into it’s skin. Then we can take into account that those people were all killed with peices of round lead fired out of a metal tube, or from a stabbing weapon. No bombs, or explosives or planes. The numbers may shock you, and should. Blood must be shed to give something value, if there was no struggle, the people of iraq would take it forgranted. The president is doing a fine job.

My .02

If John “why the long face?” Kerry gets a face lift…he just might have a chance!LOL!

If Bush and his loyal followers could see beyond their own myopic worldview, they would understand that we are no more going to install democracy in Iraq than France and Britain did in African nations. Tribal peoples are not capable of a democratic society, and their culture has a long way to go before they will be ready for democracy. Trying to impose our values and political system on them is like trying to get a three year old to have an intelligent conversation. It isn’t going to happen, and a lot of young men and women are going to die trying to make it happen.



You and many alike see Bush as “not a very bright guy”. Well sure, maybe he can’t say “nuclear” correctly, but at least he’s looking at this whole thing in the big picture. He knows that fighting terrorism isn’t just going to end by taking out the taliban and stabilizing Afghanistan. He knows that it’s a huge problem in all of the Mid-East and he knows that we have to set things straight over there for our safety in the long run.

“Any politician can read a speech, republican or democrat telling the people what they want to hear.”
Oh yeah? Do you think half of the US wanted to hear “We’re going to war with Iraq” or “We have to create an ammendment to ban gay marriages”? No, I don’t think Bush said what everyone wanted to hear. Sure, he could have stayed out of Iraq and done what many Americans wanted, but he didn’t. He knew what had to be done and he did it. He bet his whole Presidency on this war, and I don’t think anyone would do that if they didn’t feel like it had to be done. Think about it, if there was no war in Iraq right now, Bush would be way ahead in the polls.
Actually, when you mentioned how politians tell the people what they want to hear… maybe you were refering to John Kerry. The man who voted for the $87 Billion dollar military support after he voted against it. The same man who can’t decide if he’s for or against abortion. The same man that voted for the Patiot Act, but is now against it because of pressure from his fellow liberals. Take a standing point and stick with it. This man is a tool. And you think Bush is controlled by the people around him? At least he’s not controlled by Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton. Ooofah, now that’s scary.

“I can’t wait to see him in the debates when it is not scripted!!!”
Well that makes two of us. It will be interesting to see what new viewpoints John Kerry has changed his mind about once again.

Insurgents aren’t terrorists. That was what really pissed me off about the speech. That and using Nick B.'s death to say “look at what we’re dealing with,” when we’ve done horrible things that we, as a nation, would not like to be seen as indicative of Americans in general.

Clemenza my dear friend,
We both know that 75 to 80% percent of the USA does not care about politics and doesn’t really pay attention to anything going on if it doesn’t directly affect their pocketbook.

I think we both agree 9/11 changed that as it should have. This is where we probably part ways. The way I see it the neocons behind Bush used this as a way to whip up fervor in this country to back up an agenda they had before 9/11 and then had 90% of americans thinking Saddam was responsible for 9/11! Excellent propaganda and manipulation skills complements of Rove, Cheney, Wolfewitz, and Rumsfield, Parroted by yours truly Bush!

Now at this time it would have been political suicide for any Democrat to vote against any defense the administration put forth, so viola everyone is voting for the President’s proposal! Now once people started to see Bush and company were using this to rubber-stamp anything they wanted to put through, some of these democrats and even republicans found their nut-sacks and wanted to rescind on the green-light they gave Bush.

Now a lot more people men and women alike have found their nut-sacks, now that they can see the mess we are in and the fact that our fine soldiers, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters are paying for the neocons lust with their blood and lives. Now Clemenza that is my perspective, No I am not the all knowing and dare I say, I could be wrong, but I feel we are creating more problems and danger for Americans then we are stopping!

nephorm, the “insurgents” are directly attacking civilians, and sites meant to deliver incidental civilian casualties. That makes them terrorists.

Also, Zarquawi and his gang…