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Bush's Speech: A Critique



I would like to see the 'war on terror' won but that is clearly impossible. Also I find the name 'war on terror' insulting as it implies that before someone invented that little soundbite everyone in terror plagued countries just sat round ignoring it and the US has been the first place to confront terror. I'm sorry, but when the IRA was terrorising my country it was pretty hard to ignore. Rant over.

So many extremist goals exist this is clearly a fabrication. Bin Laden explicitly stated his goal was to remove the US military footprint from Saudi. World domination never came into it. Other groups may have that goal, but I'm sure many in Iraq simply want the coalition forces out. Chechen rebels want the Russian forces out. Each group has its own goals meaning accross the board they are far from 'clear and focused'. To say 'clear and focused' is simplistic at best.

I whole heartedly agree, of course I would suggest Bush fits this profile exactly. The terrorists must be stopped AND Bush's perpetual war must be stopped.

I truly hope he believes this and it isn't just some politically correct PR.

Maybe, but I would say not so much ending 'influence' as military presence. Personally if Britain was crowded with Iraqi soldiers I would want rid of them too. We need to pull our troops out because it has become an occupation force now. Not a liberating force, an occupational force.

Terrorists already target many moderate Muslim governments. This would not be a new situation, just look at Egypt. In Iraq much terrorism is aimed at other Iraqis. They're concern is internal. Spending more money on Iraqi govenrment security would ensure the trans-national terrorists could be dealt with.

Can anyone say 'conspiracy theory'? Its like 'reds under the beds' all over again.

The implication being that they they aren't human? Oh my God, I thought Area 51 had the aliens under control! Ahh! Hand me a copy of the constitution and 14 Uzi's!

But there weren't terrorists in Iraq before we entered there, now there are hundreds and Iraq provides a perfect torrorist recruitment ground so in essence we created the central front and made the problem worse. Nice.

I want to know where these goals came from and which groups! Did Bush go on terrorist.com and find out? I'm not saying certain groups don't have big ambitions, but equally as many groups just want the coalition to leave, or to cause mayhem or whatever. There's such fragmentation Bush shouldn't make such sweeping statements. And blackmailing the US government into isolation?! I'm sorry but the US began with colonial roots, reinforced them with westward expansion and then has continued to 'spread its influence' accross the globe ever since. I don't think that while its rich it will ever be isolated!

This requires a sustained intelligence investigation. Invading Muslim countries just makes the intelligence community's job harder due to the extra terrorist recruitment. The people who suffer are innocents, like those in London.

The largest nuclear stockpile and the only nation to have ever nuked anybody are one and the same. Just a thought. Anyway, the way to diffuse nuclear problems is not with aggression, that'll get us all fried. Again, it'll be the innocents who die.

Like the Saudi money which supports so many terror groups? Except going after Saudi's would piss them off, then they might withdraw the huge monetary investment they have in the US and Europe. D'oh. What will you have Bush, a real confrontation of terror and the risk of fiscal problems, or the ineffective crap we have now, but a decent economy?

We need to build a good relationship with these nations so that they can be persuaded to be on our side, like other Muslim nations Jordan, Oman, the UAE etc. We can coexist with even fairly strict Muslim states, just look at the Western relationship with many Emirites.

The Taliban is gaining power in Afghanistan again and if theres one thing you could say for Saddam its that he would let his nation be taken over by terrorists. In fact he actively hunted down extremist groups- he was sectarian after all. Now it is us who have to keep terrorists under check in a broken and chaotic nation. Its a far bigger mess now.

Yea, we're doing great at that! We've won no hearts and minds and the Iraqi democracy has shown itself to be a sham due to ethnic rivalries and the coalition forces ignoring the requests of the Iraqi government.

We'd be in less of a mess without Iraq. Thanks W.

Its the new Cold War. So many have noted America's reliance on the military-industrial complex for economic stability such as Noam Chomsky, Chalmers Johnson, Niall Ferguson, John Pilger and even Neo-con poster boy Francis Fukuyama. Islamic radicalism is nothing like communism, except that it gives the US a traget for perpetual war. Either Bush is triumphantly pointing out he has succesfully created a new 'Red threat' as required, or he has a fundamental misunderstanding of communist ideology.

Again I hope he genuinly respects Islam and wasn't just looking for a cutesy sound bite.


"Evil men, obsessed with ambition and unburdened by conscience, must be taken very seriously -- and we must stop them before their crimes can multiply," Bush said

Wow. I think he just set his own case for impeachment.

I give the asshole credit though, his speechwriters almost make that shindig in Iraq seem noble. But the guy is going about everything all wrong, and he is spewing the same old propaganda he always has.

Although, I didn't see any reason for going into Iraq, the connection with 9/11 was significantly absent. I wonder if we are going to get a new justification...."The sun rose in the east today and my cigarette tasted like shit this morning... screw it let's attack Iraq."


Yup, I wonder if the human rights court in the Hague will jump on that little 'Evil men, obsessed with ambition and unburdened by conscience' tid-bit and start a war crimes trial!


The poll numbers are falling, it's time to play the fear card again...

One of these days it will stop being effective though.


That day draws near...


Why is it then when a republican president who agressively pursues terrorism his impeachment is near? Yet a democratic president can sit idley by as we are attacked multiple times in an 8 year period, lie to a federal grand jury and still be considered a great president. In case anyone didn't read on MSNBC, information collected in Iraq led to the arrests of the NYC subway threat.

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9614242/ There, that's for all those that think we would be better off if we weren't fighting in Iraq.


The suspects were from numerous countries, one of which was Iraq. The reason we arrested anyone in Iraq is because, through the Bush administration's utter incompetence and short-sightedness, we have created a free-for-all clusterfuck that used to be a nation. A nation, perhaps you will remember, that was--while run by a dictator--one of the most secular in the region.

Please stop it with the "we're fighting them over there..." bullshit. It's just silly.


And you think that plot was hatching and the people arrested were in Iraq plotting it four years ago don't you.

What flavor is the Kool-aide?


So tired of all the boo hoo crap from you liberals, you've lost 2 straight presidential elections and lord knows how many senate and house seats. You people are so out of touch with the world today and look to blame Bush for everything. It was 80 degrees in Jersey today, my god Bush is a bastard.

I'm to lazy to get a job and fix my own life, it's Bushs' fault I can't keep abusing the system. That's the major difference here, you people think it's the governments job to care for you from conception to death, how about a little personal responsibility and try blaming yourself before the president.


As for you vroom, get a life. So critical of the US yet you live in canada, thank god. Please do not ever come back with your pessimistic, liberal, tin foil hat attitude.


Clinton got a blowjob in office.


Its hardly unreasonable to blame Iraq on the Bush government. Its also not unreasonable to suggest it is a fetile terrorist recruitment ground. The only people who don't recognise these things are a few Americans. Even Tony Blair stated repeatedly during our election campaign that he understood why people hated our involvment in Iraq.


I hope people will begin to see through it but the news media tows the line so much the average American can find it hard to find more objective information, at least thats been my experience out there. I mean few have the inclination to look on bbc.co.uk or even aljazeera.com for the Arab perspective. Instead they get pumped full of fear mongering by Fox News. I did a video-symposium with the University of Alabama and the English students were all slagging of the American news-media (we'd all lived there for a while) when several people from the other side defended it by saying at least some misinformation is better than no information at all. I'm not convinced. If I was becoming a heart surgeon I wouldn't want an incomplete, misinformed medical textbook to learn from...


How silly your are!

You forgot rule number one with those guys: "Anything Bush says or does is wrong." Now how easy is that?

We are called "Cheerleaders" because we back the President. Even though many of us (including me) have disagreed with GW on some major issues. However, I have not yet heard anyone on the left (on this forum) give GW credit for anything. According to them he is a buffoon who is evil and somehow at the same time a genius who is getting rich somehow by the invasion of Iraq.

It's actually comical if you keep a close watch.

That should explain it for you...


So what you're saying slim, is that in the wake of approximately six terrorist attacks against American interests abroad, slick willy didn't fail to take action as our commander in chief? How about that disgrace in somalia where he cut and run. If anyone remembers, the clinton admin didn't send Delta and Rangers in until 2 weeks after they brought home roughly 20,000 of our Marines. The fact of the matter is clinton screwed the pooch many more times than GW and still didn't get fully impeached. Your impeachment cries are comical at best.


And he lied about it under oath. He is a dis-barred, impeached liar.

Do you know how shitty of an individual you have to be to be too shitty for the bar association?

What is scary is that idiots like those on the left think he is just fine to lead the most powerful nation on earth, but the bar association won't trust him enough to get a parking ticket dismissed for someone.

It was all about the blowjob, though


Zeb, do you know why we point out the myriad bad things this presidency has done? Because they far outwiegh any good things! Go look at the national debt levels in your country, look the wealth distribution too, look at New Orleans, look at his failure to stop terrorism, look how many of your compatriates have died in the Middle East. I don't personally see any of his policies which offset the issues I just outlined. I never called Bush evil, I personally wouldn't use religously loaded words like that. I don't know how rich he personally is getting from Iraq but I think the military contracts and civilian contracts are making a lot of his pals rich. Why don't you scroll thorugh Reuters.com or the BBC.co.uk looking for Haliburton contracts and such and find out, or would that burst your bubble? I know neo-cons are by their very nature blind to reality though, so this will no doubt all fall on deaf ears. Coincidentally have you ever been out of the States Zeb? (just wondering).


Supporting the president is not enough to get called a cheerleader. It takes more than that.

Anyhow, I know I have given GW credit for at least one thing, recently, which of course nobody bothers to remember or credit.


Snipe, you are simply throwing out stereotypes. I doubt anybody here fits any of the stereotypes you are trying to blast around.

Why don't you simply try to be a bit more logical with your statements and claims. It's fine that you believe being in Iraq is a good thing, but you need to support your viewpoint better.

Honestly dude, your statements border on ridiculous a lot of the time. Instead of lashing out when you get called on it, express your viewpoints without relying on silly claims and stereotypes.


Yes, I'm sure England is far better off :slight_smile:


Very well said!