Bush's Convention Bounce

I’m going to guess Bush will get a 12 to 15 point bounce from the upcoming GOP convention.

The convention will be a bait-and-switch on the real Republican platform, with featured speakers who contradict the official party line:

Rudy Giuliani- Pro Choice, pro Gay rights
Arnold Shwarzenegger - Pro Choice, pro Gay rights
Dick Cheney- pro Gay Rights

The true policies of the party, like gutting environmental regulations in favor of industrial polluters (who are major GOP campaign contributors) will be kept hush hush.

What will Bush reveal, as his plan for leading America? And after being in office for four years, when will he start leading?

Will Bush again tout his Mission-to-Mars agenda?

Will Bush again tout his Lets-Keep-Drugs-Out-of-Pro-Sports agenda?

What other crucial issues will Bush address?

How big will Bush’s bump be? I bet it’s going to be a big bump!

George Bush loves big bumps!

[quote]Lumpy wrote:
George Bush loves big bumps![/quote]

That line did make me laugh.

Lumpy, Lumpy, Lumpy what am I going to do with you?

I don’t have the time right now to straighten you out (Ha ha).Each party attempts to find common ground with the voters. Why didn’t Kerry talk about his liberal voting record at his convention? See my point?

As far as the Bush bounce: I predict it will be no more than 6%. I do hope you are right however!

M-A-R-S Mars Bithes!