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Bushie is a Headbanger


Or he’s a satanist.

But probably just a Texan, with the longhorns and all.

That or the satanist thing.

Don’t insult the devil.

Satanists aren’t devil worshippers. There’s a difference.



More Bush


King Abdullah II of Jordan(?) with Vladimir Putin

It’s funny that the Norwegian press actually thought Bush and his daughters were doing a devil sign.

Apparently “Hook 'em Horns!” doesn’t translate well into Scandinavian languages.

In the above picture, Clinton is doing it wrong. He has his thumb out, which is just “i love you” in sign language. The proper headbanger gesture is thumb in. The explanation I heard is that it represents the devil’s horns and the three fingers down symbolizes the denial of the Trinity. (No, I am not a Satan worshipper, just an old 80s metalhead!) I don’t know about the Texan Longhorns relationship to the gesture. F**k the Longhorns! I am a proud Kansas Jayhawk! I bleed Crimson and Blue, baby…


Apparantly, there is picture of Jenna Bush doing the gesture, too. Am I the only one who thinks the Bush twins are totally smokin’ hot? They are my right wing menage-a-a-trois fantasy! uh…is that the Secret Service at my door…