BushidoBadBoy: Need GH Help

I Bushidobadboy I was looking to contact you via PM, but it seems it doesn’t work. I was looking for your help regarding some GH stuff.

1-What dose HGH woud you recommend? I read that you mentioned 12iu a couple of times?
2-An slin needle should work fine for IM into delts right?
3-for this would you inject E3D in the morning or before you train or before you go to bed or what?

Thanks for your help!

Bushidobadboy not here any more-he die many years ago…

Just kidding, if you do a search I think he disclosed most of his HGH wisdom in a thread called ‘the HGH experiment’ then another poster compiled all the information into another more ‘streamlined post’ but I can’t remember who that was I’m afraid.

Off the top of my head I think, don’t quote me…

  1. 8-12 IU a day

  2. he recommended IV injections as the most effective- only if your 100% competent to do do them!

  3. split the 8-12 IU into 3 doses, morning, noon and night


Thanks for the reply.

I will definitely look that thread up.

If not IV, IM should be the next best thing right?

Also why is he proposing E3D? I read somewhere that he relates this to the way adolescents release GH, but they release GH at 700 μg/day not E3D. Can someone explain this?

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Great to get an answer from the man himself. My problem is that I wanted to give GH a test run and therefore only got 100iu. How would I go about using it in the most effective way, to get the most out of the 100iu? I will probably be able to get my hands on more but that’s another story.

Also how would you alter this for
A) Females
B) Anti aging purposes

BTW, how can you be reached privately? PM or email or so?

Would something like 4.5iu 3x per week be helpful at all (maybe M-W-F)? I remember that this was what Victor Conte was scheduling.

Probably IM in delt, switching each time, injection at night?

You know he makes part of his living off providing this information to people, right?

No, I did not know that. I asked for his contact info above, so when he reads this he can get back to me and let me know how we can proceed etc.

I bought 100 IU HGH to try first time and used 5 IU before each workout, IM in the shoulder.

Thanks for the info Budda.

Just to add…

I have not used much HGH, as its too expensive. So I believe the biggest flaw in my HGH protocol was its short duration-8 weeks I think.

I have not done HGH IV, but have not noticed a difference between IM and sub Q injections.

I actually found injecting HGH before training was a pretty good protocol and gave a noticeable increase in strength endurance (I was very busy with work at the time and was training at home a lot with kettlebells- disclaimer- I’m not a ‘bodybuilder’)

I’ve tried injecting my HGH E3D and EOD 3 times a day and didn’t notice a difference.

I think Cortes was the man who did the exact BBB HGH protocol to the ‘T’ and was very pleased with his results.

Great information on the GH use, thanks BBB!

100iu’s is a waste of your time and money. your “results” will be exactly 0

Is this prtocol for Pharm grade HGH or those blue, red, yellow tops GH?