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BushcraftAl Training

Hello all, name’s Al and I’m new to the forums. Figured I needed a place to keep track of my workouts better so I decided to sign up and start a journal here. I’m in my mid-30s and married with two kids, and work full time. I began strength training in 2005 (Olympic lifting and strongman), and have competed in both strongman and powerlifting. Work soon took over and I no longer competed, but kept training for a while. After the birth of my second son, both the wife and I stopped training for a while but now I’m back into it with the kettlebell bug and am training primarily for kettlebell sport. I also enjoy rucking so I may try my hand at some GoRuck events or similar here soon too. My hobbies include traditional bowhunting, camping, fishing, and anything that gets me outdoors. I also trained in the martial arts for many years, but have since had to stop due to medical reasons.

My usual training schedule is pretty brief. Twice a week I participate in a kettlebell training class at my gym, and two other days I fit in some strength training with some METCON at the end. I also have a boxing session once a week and do short ruck marches with my dogs a few times a week. We eat a reasonably good diet, probably closest definiton would be “Paleo” although we still fit in some grains from time to time. We buy a lot from the farmer’s market and get the healthiest stuff we can afford, but we won’t shy away from a snack here or there, or ordering pizza once in a while.

Thanks for stopping by.

Kettlebell workout today.

*Dynamic warm-up and KB-specific warm-up, approx 15 minutes.
*TGUs with 28kg, 3x1.
*2KB C&P with 2x24kg, 3x5.
*Landmine Rows with +135, 3x5.
*Goblet Squats with 32kg, 3x5.
*Pull-Ups, 3 sets max reps, 8 reps total. Tried weighted today but wasn’t feeling it.

Went home and stretched while I drank my post-workout smoothie. Tonight I’m throwing on my ruck as I walk the dogs, then might shoot my bow a bit.

Sorry, been slacking at posting on here once again.

Home workout this time.

*15 minutes of mobility exercises and dynamic stretches, followed by some light KB exercises.
*Long cycle clean and jerk - 2x16kg, 6 RPM, Level 1.
*Pull-up pyramids - max wide grip, max regular grip, max chin-up, max neutral grip, rest, repeat 3x. Total of 15 pull-ups.
*Windmills (16kg) alternated with hanging knee raises - 3 sets of 5 reps on each side.

Due to time constraints couldn’t fit in my run after. GTGing pistol squats on my stairs throughout the day as usual.

Interesting log, I’m in!

Sounds good furo.

Had a lot of yardwork and home repairs today, so I did some sport training at home tonight.

*15 minutes of mobility exercises and dynamic stretches, followed by some light KB exercises.
*Long cycle clean and jerk - 2x16kg, 6 RPM, Level 2.
*Pull-ups - 3 training sets of wide-grip, 3 training sets of reverse-grip.
*TGUs 3x3 per side with 24kg, alternated with pistol grip carries with 12kg, 3x30 sec each side. Wish I had a heavier KB for the TGUs, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Once the kids settle down and all is quiet, I’m going to hit the street for some interval running.