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Bush Wanted War, BUT!!


So common is the statement "Bush lied" that it seems sometimes that I am the only blue-state person who does not think it is true. Then, last week, the indomitable Helen Thomas changed all that with a single question. She asked George Bush why he wanted "to go to war" from the moment he "stepped into the White House," and the president said, "You know, I didn't want war." With that, the last blue-state skeptic folded.


Don't leave out this tasty nugget.

"None of this necessarily means that Bush doctored U.S. intelligence to make a purposely false case that Iraq was seething with weapons of mass destruction. There is plenty of evidence that others in the administration -- Dick Cheney, in particular -- exaggerated such that their pants must have caught fire, but nothing so far proved that Bush knew he was making a false case. Indeed, foreign intelligence sources were in agreement with Bush on Iraq's WMD and so were Clinton administration officials who had seen some of the same intelligence. Even within the Bush administration, critics of the war -- and there were some -- were just as convinced that Saddam had WMD. Colin Powell, you may recall, soiled his stellar reputation with a United Nations speech that is now just plain sad to read. Almost none of it is true."

I don't think the Iraqi invasion was a good idea, but even Cohen admits that pretty much everyone thought Iraq had WMD, so why are so many people saying Bush intentionally misled the folks into the war? Why can't Bush just be WRONG? If more liberals would just stop there instead of assigning evil intentions I might throw my vote into their corner. Anyway, Harold Ford in 2116 or 2020.


Brush, check out some of the links in the later posts on the libby trial thread.

The trial is showing (or going to show) the disagreement between various sectors of the government and the briefings that the president had been given.

It's very interesting stuff!


what the fuck? bush cannot just be "wrong" because he is the leader of soo many people. when you are in that position you cannot be "just wrong". when you hold the lives of soo many in your hands it's imperative that you be 110% right, period. what kind of leader falls on the defense that he was wrong? oops sorry i was wrong, well now your loved ones are dead, as well as the loved ones of all those who oppossed us.

for such failure, bush should immediately fall upon his sword, but not before begging forgivness from his people. with all the information he possesed it's nearly impossable that he was "just wrong". he knew what was happening, i just wish i could see all that was gained behind the curtain of lies. bush is no patriot, he is a piece of shit, and should be punished for war crimes. we as americans need to do some serious thinking about the government we now possess, and what it has become. in my opinion the founding fathers of this country would be at arms against that which we call a "democratic government". what are we becoming as a nation? we used to be the gem of the world, now we are the scourge. be wary as we will go the way of the romans if we do not ellicit change

love my country and her people, we deserve to be lead by better. what other country does soo much good for the world, and yet have soo much hatred aimed(no pun intended) at them? it's time to become the greatest nation in the world again, or at least remind the world of that. maybe it's a cycle, i wonder what the worlds opinion of the U.S. was in other "times of darkness". maybe it will come full swing again before my time here has passed.i am upset because in the time i have been alive, this country has gone from the greatest, to the greatest evil. i don't fuckin like it, "if i can't be part of the greatest i will be the greates myself". vote for me for president, i'll put it down on the politicians. bodybuilding would be an olympic sport, and a mandatory 1.5 hour lunch/fitness break will be in place.no more illegal aliens, and fuck the rest of the world it's time to focus on ourselves.

"i am mazilla and i endorse this message".

paid for by the Bodybuilders United For our Freedom.(B.U.F.F.)


All the while Bush was publicly claiming War is a Last Resort, on the down-low he had US bombers doing daily bomb runs over Iraq, in order to knock out strategic targets. This information became public in the last year. The bombing runs happened before Bush even approached Congress asking for a resolution, before Powell went to the UN with his phony evidence, etc.

It's like repeatedly jabbing someone in the face, while insisting that you don't want to fight.


Bush wanted to remove Saddam Hussien because it was the US national policy signed into law by President Clinton.

War was the only way to do it.


I agree with this. With this many lives on the line, you can't afford to just be "wrong".


There is a distinct difference between being 'wrong' on the presence of WMDs and being 'wrong' to have gone into Iraq and decapitated the leadership.

The fact that no WMD's have been found, in and of itself, does not invalidate the decision to go to war.

Aside from the many, many times it has explained here, it had recently come to light through the emerging documents that Saddam wanted the world to think he had WMDs.


mazilla and all other loons:

Don't you realize that there is censure and impeachment motions AFOOT RIGHT NOW!!!

Call your Senator!!! Demand impeachment!!!


If you are so sure of your righteousness, what is holding you back?

Write the letter!!! If you believe that "bush should be punished for war crimes" what does it say about the power of your convictions that you haven't pushed your Senators or Representatives to get behind the MOVEMENT?!?

Stop talking and start writing!!!!


P.S. I'm not going to write out how right George was on most every major reason to go to war. If you read the transcripts of saddam's tapes it may open your mind.

P.P.S. reckless, you're a hate-filled runt. If I were you, I'd focus on making Belgium into something more than a stepping stone for the latest invasion.



Congerss had no problem with it either and most Americans. 20-20 now huh?

Things do go wrong and when they do it's all we want to talk about.


And you, of course, are a class act. Obviously.

I don't see why this surprises anyone. I understand that Congress and most Americans didn't have a problem with it, of course, but I've been against this from the start. Too much bullshit, too many lies, and not enough truths on anything coming out of this administration.

The last six years have played out exactly as I have expected them to; I wish I had written it down back then. The only thing that I see in the future is the pendulum swinging back the liberal's way.


That toll-free number is 1-800-426-8073.

That's the capitol switchboard, they can connect you to any Senator or Rep's office.

Lest you come off like a complete douchebag like JeffR, try to have some logical reasons why you want impeachment...

Lying about WMDs
Illegal domestic spying

Those are probably the best reasons. Stuff like Bush's shitty performance during Katrina, while abysmal, is not really an impeachable offense. On the other hand, lying to Congress and the public about a bogus urgent need to invade Iraq, is definitely an impeachable offense.

If you just make a bunch of goofy crap up (Bush is a space alien) they won't take you seriously, and they'll figure it's a prank. And the staffers only keep track of your position (yes/no) and nothing else.


That's all well and good, and we had ample justification for going to war, but Bush is flat-out lying if he said he didn't want war. His administration was thinking about it from when they got into office, and it was a virtual certainty by September 12, 2001.


bradley wrote:

"That toll-free number is 1-800-426-8073.

That's the capitol switchboard, they can connect you to any Senator or Rep's office.

Lest you come off like a complete douchebag like JeffR, try to have some logical reasons why you want impeachment...

Lying about WMDs
Illegal domestic spying

Those are probably the best reasons. Stuff like Bush's shitty performance during Katrina, while abysmal, is not really an impeachable offense. On the other hand, lying to Congress and the public about a bogus urgent need to invade Iraq, is definitely an impeachable offense."

Thank you, bradley!!!

I agree with bradley's talking points!!! If you need more ammo, be sure to pm bradley/harry/ron33/pox. They can give you the 2004 dnc talking points verbatim.


My new bumper sticker!!!


P.S. bradley, have you called?


Good thing we have the absolutely brilliant Bush administration military tacticians in the White House.

Otherwise we'd ALL be speaking Iraqi, right now.

So everyone should please stop saying George Bush is DANGEROUSLY INCOMPETENT.


Hey, another career general called for Rumsfield's resignation this weekend. Pfffft, do these dumb military guys really think they know more than The Mighty Rumsfeld? Rummy's got the cutest sayings, and he's doing a heckuva job! Hey Rummy, tell the generals one more time, to shut the fuck up and salute!

PS: JeffR, yes I call my Senators at least once a week and tell them I want the troops out of Iraq ASAP, and Bush out of the White House ASAP. Try it, it's fun!


Hello, bradley.

I'm glad you took the time to call your Senators!!!

I'll bet they love you.

The rest of you, let's see you out protesting/calling blue state senators.

Let's get this MOVEMENT ROLLING!!!

Make sure you get all the points in "stolen, lied, rodham, arrrgghhh, lockbox, parking tickets, alcohol, Halliburton."

I'm tired of this low level bitching and moaning, let's make it happen.






Good post -- and oh, you actually have FACTS!

Now that's really good!


Bush lied. Bush is an idiot. Bush is incompetent. Bush planned the war all along. Bush has bad breath. Bush stinks. Bush has kept us safe from terrorist attacks since 9/11. Bush is dumb.........wait......Bush has kept us SAFE since 9/11.......he must be doing something right?

Right, libs..........


Anyone who would discredit the men and women in law enforcement who have handled things only to credit Bush with why there hasn't been another major incident has a few screws loose.


Bush has kept us safe from meteor showers too. You totally gotta give him credit for that. Bush did do a heckuva job on 9-11. He totally field-marshalled the whole response. He was a cool cucumber on that day, boy oh boy. Sharp as a tack, on top of his game, and IN COMMAND. Those 9-11 fellas didn't know what hit 'em.

Now what about running up a massive budget deficit in the trillions... is that going to affect national security? That probably doesn't matter at all. That's not my deficit, that's the federal government's deficit. Not my problem.

Anyway, getting Iraqis the right to vote is well worth spending one trillion dollars in taxpayer money. In fact, we might even spend as much as two trillion, because it's so important to US security. Heck, spending 1.5 billion tax dollars a week, it's not really all that much. Good thing Bush didn't rush into any kind of premature planning. That could have been bad.

We would all be speaking IRAQI in America right now, if it wasn't for George W. Bush.