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Bush to Run NFL?


Just read on the Drudgereport.com that Jeb Bush has been approached to run the NFL. I don't know if agree or disagree. It just seems like a....weird...choice. Does Jeb have the qualification? It just seems to have come out of left field!!


Damn, if that's not a precursor to politics... :wink:


Wasn't Condi Rice rumored for the same job?


'Condi' used to work for the NFL, that much is true.


Jeb Bush is already the Gov. of Florida. :wink:


Yah vroom--
you remember that whole Terri Schievo(?) thingy???:slight_smile:


[quote]beebuddy wrote:
'Condi' used to work for the NFL, that much is true.


Maybe she should take over the Falcons offensive coordinator position!

I guess Jeb could run the NFL. I just thought they seek a current NFL team owner first. Interesting.



Not a rumor; Rice was being seriously considered.

She turned it down.

(For the hacks who think "What does she know about Football? This position is more about negotiating, compromising and getting parties to sit down, talk and iron out their problems. Rice is an expert on all counts).



She's also been rumored to be quite the student of the Game.



Quite the bio as well. Check it out.



Politics aside, I would say running a state is pretty good qualification.


Good point! And Paul Tag(however you spell his last name) is leaving the league in pretty good condition.