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Bush: The Stupidest Modern President?


This is what his president is boiling down to, lets rate him.

My vote: crappiest/dumbest , and worst pres we have ever had.

  • Wasteful conflict in Iraq, Offensive to foreign people, ect

2nd Place: Carter


god your stupid for posting that

no one knows how well a president acted until many years later when history has time to reflect on it.


I thought you were a conservative, BigDon?

He is the worst among many...Clinton, George I, and Reagan are close seconds


Reagan.......your joking right. That man was great.


At least say "presidency" when calling the man stupid.


You're joking right? Clinton was great. Reagan was terrible.

But Bush beats them all. He even makes Nixon look decent.


Bush: not the sharpest tool in the shed. Would never have been elected to any office if not from a powerful political family. He might be a good manager of the produce department at a grocery store, however.

Clinton: slimy and untrustworthy. Although I was very much in support of many of his programs, the man just made me feel unclean. Everytime he gave a speech I felt like I was listening to a guy who was trying to get in my pants. He'd make a great car salesman.

Nixon: pure evil. Prolonged the Vietnam war in order to win a second term. Paranoid and psychotic. Not sure where he would fit in. Probably as a CEO for one of the tabacco companies.

Carter: well I liked Carter and voted for him. But that was because he was trying to get the ERA passed. He just didn't have the wide streak of larceny required to survive Washington politics. But you could trust him. He should have stuck to peanut farming.


Seems like the responses here all are pretty harsh on most recent presidents.

Let's see - everyone dated back to Carter in way or another has been a godawful president according to the responses here, yet since the late 1970s, how has life been in the US?

So who was a good president, post-FDR? Has it really been that terrible?


Bush isn't the cleverest guy around, but I somewhat like the guy (and hate the republican administration).

Personally I think he would be a rather fun-loving and genuine guy; someone who's fun to hang around with.

I am by no means a neocon,



Ike was a champ. Reagan was decent (he missed the small Govt part of small Govt conservatism), Clinton was decent. The rest were pretty bad.


I didn't include Reagan because he was never president....Nancy was.


Im conservative compared to a lot of the liberals on this site...i consider myself a moderate. I really argue with both sides, esp when it comes to the merits of bush.

Reagan would have been good if it weren't for his wasteful milatary spending , on the star wars project and everything else. The USSR was going to fall anyway, what a tool.

My favorite would be Clinton. These days international concerns are apparantly the most important. He was able to bring countries together and get things done because the bubba was personable.


I think I'm going to start talking like Clinton.


Pretty quick to call some one stupid for posting , but yes we do have the privelage of evaluating a presidents effectiveness during his term.

btw my family is all republican, they all hate bush. Funny.


The toughest thing about this thread is deciding which idiotic comment to address first. That being said, it's likely best to not post a damn thing.

Enjoy you circle jerk.


Pretty good summary. Although, I have to say, I think Clinton was pretty moral, ethical, and honest in the political arena irrespective of his personal failings.


Don't you mean her astrologer was?


I actually like Bush as a guy too. But I don't like his policies, judgment, or advisors.


People that have the gall to say that Reagan was a bad President were either never alive in the 80's, Never alive for the 70's, or are just plain idiots all together.

It is comical to see what some of you are saying. It sounds more like a Dallas Cowboy Fan running down a Redskin fan or a n Eagle fan.

Worst Presidents?

Top of my list is LBJ. He's the guy to blame for Viet Nam. He's the guy to blame for the Great Society. I happen to think that he is the guy to talk to about JFK's little accident.

LBJ sucked worse than any President in the last century - with the possible exception of Woodrow Wilson.


I think its a little to early to say Bush is the worst president in our history. Assuming the Iraq situation ends up working out, I imagine hisory will treat him fairly well.

And while Bush certainly isnt the smartest president we've ever had, I wouldnt call him the dumbest either. Judging a man's intelligence based on his public speaking ability isnt always accurate.

If I had to choose my least favorite presidents, I would say TR, FDR, Wilson, and LBJ.