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Bush Tells New Orleans...


to "stay the course" we have everything under control."


You can only blame so many things on the president. In all actuality this isn't really his making, so to blame him for the problem is like blaming Tony Blair for the London Train bombings. If anything the corrupt local governments and police shoulder more of the blame than the President of the country. The local authorities are the most inept, incapable elected officials in the United States. They make Marrion Berry look like Winston Churchill. Blame someone else, the Bush blaming line is getting old


Bush is responsible for every known evil to befall the human race in recorded history. I can only hope St. Hillary and the United Nations can rescue us in time.



That would maybe be accurate if Blair had stayed on vacation at his "ranch" in Ireland for a couple days after the bombing, then went to give a scheduled speech about how great the Iraq war was going, then made a couple of low level passes over London in his taxpayer-financed jumbo jet before flying on to his house in Scotland, commenting along the way about how "devastating" it must be down there.

Then, like Bush is now, he'd be blamed for the weak response.

No one is blaming Bush for the original problem, it's the delayed and lame response that pissed people off.


Yawn, I am getting tired of the old line, what difference does it make if he made a speech one day earlier. If you remember correctly, Blair stayed in Gleneagles for about 12 hours before he decided to go to London. Actually, alot of your fellow travelers are blaming president Bush for the original problem. RFK Jr., Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton. Don't forget about those really intelligent celebrities like Kanye West that claim Bush hates black people, that is the reason that the hurricane struck New Orleans

Man is foolish to think that if we can't stop a hurricane or a major flood, that somehow we can cause them by our feeble actions. Scientific illiterates like RFK jr. claiming that we have caused the increase in the ferocity of hurricanes through our usage of fossil fuels. Quite foolish indeed, that somehow we can influence a world that has been around for millions of years


I estimate somewhere around 100 lives worth of respect. In this case, where people are dying due to the time gone without food, heat or even decent shelter, and IMMEDIATE sense of attention was needed. The real question is, why does this need to be explained? You are basically making excuses for the actions taken when the truth is, it should be plain as day why some people are noticing faults.


Honestly, do you not think it was the mayor of New Orleans, the Governor of LA, and the LA legislature that should have had a plan for this worst case senario? Why is this first and foremost a federal problem instead of a local problem?


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The whole race issue is pissing me off. Honestly, this was a huge fuckign ordeal, a huge catastrophy. How quickly do you expect relief to arrive? New Orleans was not very well organised. Their Mayor and Police head sounded like thugs in their speeches in front of the camera. The camera's also pointd out to black police officers driving in their SUV's right through the crowd of survivors and did't even bother to put a window down. In a disaster of this scope it WILL take a few days for help to trickle in, what do people expect miracles? You house get's flooded out and 5 minutes later the government will beam you a temporary house on stilts?

It really irks me that the majority of the public servants are black in New Orleans, and yet they are the ones who first failed their citizens and now all collectively point the fingers saying they were once again victims of race. It's an insult to every human being in the US to imply such nonsense in this day and age and especially in the USA after such a huge disaster.


I don't understand the race issue here. New Orleans is a city where blacks are the majority, and not wealthy. It should not be a surprise that they are the ones in need. There is no preferece here. Just a suffering city that happens to be mainly balck. Everybody please get off of this. It is not helping and only creating rifts between people around the country.


When all else fails it always comes back to GW being a racist. The whole situation is fucked up, they have help now and it's just going to take time. Remember, had these people taken the original warning and left the area they would not be in this situation. Just out of curiosity, aren't you a doctor prof.X? Wouldn't you be better served down there offering your vast knowledge of services as opposed to Bush bashing on T-Nation? I mean I could be wrong, I don't even know if they are accepting outside civilian help, they are in fact not accepting outside law enforcement agencies.


This is key. The AP reported that the governor didn't even declare a state of emergency and call for evacuation of NO until she got a personal call from the President urging her to do so.

There are reasons beyond the logistical ones why this disaster seems to be orders of magnitude worse than similar-sized hurricanes that have hit other areas over the last 50 years. And a few of them, at least, seem to point to the traditionally ineffective and corrupt state and local governments in Louisiana. It will be sadly fascinating to see what the after reports have to say about local preparedness.


Well there is a simple answer to your question. You have to know the first rule in the liberal play book. That is: if at all possible "BBF" Blame Bush First!

And they wonder why liberals are losing elections at a record rate.

Funny Stuff! :slightly_smiling:


Finally - somebody gets it. I've been saying the same damn thing for the last couple of days, PH. SOme folks seem to think that they should be bitching and moaning, now - as if THAT will save a life.

Want to hear the king of the "Blame Bush" club? Did you hear The Mayor of NO? My God - instead of doing something useful - he's publicly complaining about Bush's inaction. HE'S THE MAYOR OF THE DAMN CITY!!! I didn't hear Rudy bitching and moaning during 9/11, yet this guy hasn't done a damn thing but whine and moan.


Another question is why so many people didn't evacuate. I know not everyone could, but the whole southeastern part of the state was told to evacuate Thursday before it came in. We had plenty of time get the hell out of the way. Many just did not want to leave, now they are stuck.


Bigragoo- I remember those reports. The ones that were telling everybody to evacuate. Funny how no one else does.
So this matter of being mad at the pres. is realy a matter of perception? People percieve that he didn't act promptly and are mad at him? That is truly assanine. Why aren't they mad at water? That is what has done all of the damage. Oh, thats right, character assanination doesn't work on water.

Bigragoo- Hang in there man.


I'm making it fine, I'm pissed at all the finger pointing and the lack of real help. Did you know that the people getting dropped off in Baton Rouge are just that? They're dropped of with nowhere to go because ther isn't any room in the River Center to house them. We have people wandering the streets of B.R. aimlessly with no where to go and no food or water. This situation is far beyond fucked up.


That is disturbing. How are the local churches and comunity groups responding? I'm sure their capabilities are stretched thin, but are they active in providing places for the displaced?


No matter what excuse these phoney politicians give ,there is no reason for any citizen's of our compassionate conservative country to have to go through what the people of N.O. have delt with and are still dealing with.There have been plenty of studies ,that this could happen ,they even new there were over 100,000 people that didnt own a vehicle or were in wheel chairs etc. that couldnt get out.

The funding to fix these problems arent available to our cities yet they can waste all the money their wasting in Iraq,a situation that wont be fixed in our lifetime.In the last 30yrs. the only prosperous time for the working people of this country is when slick willie was pres.Since the new regime has been in power, gas has doubled in price food and utilities have goneup.This just shows home land security sucks,and the people better vote these clowns we have in office out and get someone who wont just say what is popular to get the most votes.

And all you have to do is read some of DUH-BYA,s history and you can see all his jobs have been obtained by either friends,or dadies connections.Anyone that thinks that dunce is doing a good job has the mentality of the fecies thats floatin in N.O.


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