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Bush Teleconference With Soldiers Staged


Its getting almost painful to watch him



That is just some shitty, shitty management. You know presidents do not leave things like "live" q&a sessions to chance. It's not like Clinton ever just teleconferenced with anyone in the military on live TV.

Lee Atwater would have killed that bitch for getting caught on film. Hopefully Karl Rove skins her.


You have a point but he's basically doing a crisis management project w/ these soldiers. Whats funny about it is that it makes him look not only fake but worse in the process.


Almost all of these town hall type Q&A sessions are fake.

It is embarassing that they got caught on this one.


What is even more embarassing is that anyone believed the gushingly over-positive accounts being relayed before.


Where in that article did it say the responses were scripted? It seemed to me that they were going over who would answer what...not how they were to answer.


Or the over-negative reports you see on CNN by some reporter that has never lefth the green zone.

If you want real reporting and news from Iraq check out some of the bloggers that are there and actually go out on patrol with our troops.


all of this is strange...

Politicians get to hand-pick there audience? They get to pick they questions they are asked?

Any politician that cannot survive in a debate British parliament style simply lacks a major job requirement. Plus, he?s a wimp. Or a wimpette.

Thatcher could pull it off, but she had balls.


Im not a Bush fan but I wasnt aware that this was a debate. Was it supposed to be? or was it simply a photo op/ q&a with some soldiers?


I am surprised that this is such a big story. GWB carefully screens his untelevised audiences - why would this be any different? Frankly, I doubt that Clinton or any other president would do a spontaneous Q+A during an unpopular war. The choreography was clumsy...otherwise, a non-issue.


Did anyone see when Matt Lauer from the Today show interviewed some soldiers in Iraq a few weeks ago?

He kept asking them if the morale was bad in Iraq and the soldiers kept saying no and trying to tell him about the good things that are happening.


Ya, I saw that. It doesnt suprise me that it was pretty much ignored by the rest of the media...


As a foreigner I have no particular opinion of the president of the United States. Even if I had, that doesn't count as a vote. I only have an opinion of american foreign policy, which is much in line with the general opinion in Europe. Having said that, I feel obiged to point out, that Matt Lauer is not the president of USA.


This wasn?t but you have to admit that this is broader issue than staging something like that with a bunch of soldiers. Since when is something like that ok? Every politician doing something like that should be booed off stage. Slammed in the headlines. Made fun of.

By the way with this whole American attitude towards the American military I wonder why there is no public outrage if a president just grabs a few soldiers, puts them in a nice location and lets them tell him what he wants to hear on television? When did the United States Army become the Praetorian Guard? Is this your army, supposedly politically neutral, or his personal beatches he can draw out of the hat whenever his polls drop?

Two words, "mission accomplished!"...


Ergh, cringe worthy. This is the way to interview a national leader:


When I watched this live, I almost felt sorry for Blair... almost.


Why is anybody even surprised or outraged at actions like this anymore? He is trying his best to secure his legacy and if getting military OFFICERS to tell him what he wants to hear so he can have it broadcasted to the nation will help him, he will do it. He wants every bit of recorded evidence to portray him as an effective president because that is what will last long after all of us are gone from this mortal coil. History is written by the winners. HIS-STORY!


Did you steal HIS-STORY from the name of a Michael Jackson album?


No, it's a feminist thing and has to do with the patriarcal society.


No, actually it was something that was said in the black community long before that album. Michael got the album name from the black community. However, your juvenille attempt at wit and your reference to that album just belies your obvious youth and the fact that you have nothing else to do in your life other than be an asshole.



Ergh, cringe worthy. This is the way to interview a national leader:


When I watched this live, I almost felt sorry for Blair... almost.[/quote]

Its intresting that the Brits have these kinds of televised interviews. I've never seen anything so candid before on american tv. Its weird that i dont like bush but Blair seems like a good leader from what i know of him.