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Bush Takes a Shot at Obama


Go get him Georgie boy!


so know he's a free market advocate. When did that happen?


When it became fashionable again. Bush is simply a politician, just like Obama, just like McCain, just like everybody on capitol hill. They ebb and flow with the tide. Pathetic.

Anarchy anybody?


Lifty is in.


Ha ha close but no cigar. I'm not underpaid, underlaid, or stoned all the time. I am old school conservative (states rights, liberty, etc) but right now just dont really give a damn about the government as it is. Therefore, anarchy anybody?


We are way too soft and lazy for anarchy. That would be a major cluster fuck.


Seems that President Bush forgot who started TARP...


I think usa could have some socialisme.

In mine opinion socialisme is reel democracy and liberty, capitalisme is in reality markedrule and unliberty!


I think it is laughable, Bush criticizing Obama


This is true


I like him even less after that speech. At least be fucking honest about how you really governed.


Didn't he just go parachuting with Papa Bush? Probably found a clue or two on the way down.

"Hehe... look poppy, just like my approval ratings... wheee!"


By all measurable accounts, Obama makes Bush look like a rock-ribbed fiscal conservative. But, the GOP and other fiscal conservatives (not solely GOPers) can't get by with a "relative" contrast to the current Social Democracy administration, and Bush falls into the same category.

Personally, regardless of the topic, I don't like former presidents weighing in on current policy.


Guys, what just happened?


He probably doesn't know what TARP is.






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norway do have capitalisme. the difference between norway and usa is the healtcare system.
The norwegian workersparty and the soscialistleftparty dont belive in socialisme any more. the only party in norway ho still is socialist is the red party.


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