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Bush sure is doing a good job

I hope Bush does everything he wants to do. Those terrorists have had it coming for a long time. www.theemailactivist.org/newKGB.htm
Have a nice day.

Nice “bait,” but this article is pure fantasy.

What bait? Everyone in the world can see what Bush is trying to do, why can’t the American public see it? Here’s another one

Fantasy Propaganda.

Dam right.

Frankly I’m tired of whining mouthy tree hugging dope smoking estrogen ladden, politically correct, heart bleeding maggots.

Bush is almost there, he’s the only one to show he has any balls, now he needs to show he not only has em he has the makings of T-man by showing huge iron clanging balls.

Frankly america has never had to flex it’s military muscle. We’ve been strapped at the groin with a pull chain from the heart bleeders.

Enough if enough, dammit life isn’t fair and when you are big enough and strong enough you can dish it out and frankly you don’t have to take it.

We are big enough.

We are strong enough.

Frankly if we can keep our closest allies (brit) Any place that harbors terrorist or makes any slight mark in the resemblance of a threat should be turned into a glass mine.

Tired of this. Feminazi heart bleeding goat rapers.

whats wrong with dope smoking?

Well, for one reason, drug use supports terrorist organizations.

The only thing worse that over the top liberals is war mongering half wits like yourself, sorry.

The only true mark of a real political discussion is open and honest exchange of ideas, by two REASONED and INFORMED parties.

I find very few who fit these requirements, especially those who cry “Hitler” or “Kill em all”.

Quite you. Daddy has some manly discussion to do.

“There are two types of people. The conquers and the conquered, often people think there are three, only because so much noise, protest and ‘logic’ comes from the mouth of the third group. But in reality when all is said and done, both the conquered and the sofisticated logic are under the steel boot of the conquers. And to tell the truth son, when it is you who are the conquer, looking down, the rabble beneath you all looks the same; Both are conquered.”


I’ll lug my iron balls around and war monger, while you polish your 4th century triple layer spectacles during a well thought out two sided logical debate of why deer have feelings too ok?


Haha, sure buddy, have fun with that. Everyone loves a modern day iron balled conqueror.

I like to pee on the homeless too.

Here’s the story about how Hitler got so much power (of course bush had the WTC towers blown up so he could pin it on Iraq somehow):

here’s the original Patriot Act II file that got leaked not too long ago:

Here’s the USA’s/bush’s record so far:

Here’s a story about the Cambridge student who got his work plagiarised (written in 1991) by British intelligence & got quoted extensively as ‘evidence’ by Colin Powell:

here’s why it’s not a good idea to watch the silly war on tv:

finally, why doesn’t the USA try to boss China? Haven’t they been quietly building up a huge nuclear arsenal over the last 10yrs or so? Oh… right, China would squash the USA like a bug if that happened, I forgot. The USA has to go after helpless Iraq that’s been cripped by 10yrs or sanctions. I also read a bit of bush’s state of the union thing & I noticed he kept saying that Iraq hasn’t provided proof that he’s disarmed? I thought that since the USA is making the accusations that Hussein/Iraq hasn’t disarmed that they’ve got to provide the evidence? I’m not up on international law or anything but that sounds more like Napoleonic law or something.

Say, the stuff you’re posting is propaganda. Bush having the trade centers knocked down? If that’s not anti-bush propaganda I don’t know what is. This stuff is based on worthless speculation, not grounded in fact.

And no, the United States DOES NOT have the obligation to disarm Iraq. Do you remember the Gulf War? Saddam surrendered and agreed to disarm, but yet he never has. All he has done is disobey United Nation resolution after resolution for 12 years. Resolution 1441 passed by the United Nations Security Council on November 7, 2002 explicitly stated that the burden of proof falls on Iraq, not the US and not the United Nations…ON IRAQ. If 1441 is not complied with the UN agreed to the use of force. I highly suggest you read resolution 1441 and stop reading anti-American propaganda. It’s obvious that you are ignorant and don’t understand the situation in Iraq and here in the U.S. So before you post more misinformation about President Bush, try reading some non-biased information. You blame America first people are truly embarrassing.

Appeasement does not work, and never will as long as there is evil in the world. Ronald Reagan proved “Peace Through Strength” works. He beat down the expansionist Soviet Union and ended the Cold War. Appeasement defends evil and allows it to continue, if nobody stands up to Saddam Hussein, he will continue to produce weapons of mass destruction and threaten the Middle East along with the rest of the world. I predict when this is all said and done, the peaceniks are going to have egg on their face when the world discovers Saddam’s massive violations of human rights (torture to dissenters, genocide, ethnic cleansing, etc), along with his stock pile of bio/chem. weapons, and quite possibly nuclear weapons.

Say your a Dumb ass…

The reason why US doesn’t have to go after China is that. We have relations with them. They export a lot of product to the US.

Now Saddam is a madman and he needs to be stopped one way or another.

Say do you even work-out? Or are you just here trying to piss us off???

It a damn shame that we allow some people to have the freedom of speach…

Good job Say! The other individuals posting on here can talk about tree huggers all they want but that certainly doesn’t cover all of the literally millions of people protesting against the war over the weekend. They were from all walks of life and they see through Bush & Powell’s claims of proven Iraq/Al Quada links. Even the CIA and inspectors from the UN said Bush was misconstruing information to propel war on the public.

I thought that article was pretty good. For the first few sentences. I kept going and saw the ACLU and thought, “right…” Granted I don’t like Bush. I thought he’d do alright at first, but I slowly grew to hate him. But comparing him to Hitler? Bullshit. The extreme theories are rarely right. But I’m and open-minded guy. Open-minded, not gaping, as I think we’ve all read once before. I don’t think his getting elected was all kosher, though. I have a hard time respecting anyone who’s a member of skull and bones or any of those free-mason wannabe organizations. This is a rather pointless rant.

Well Rumbach, I guess I’m the only guy here who agrees with you. The middle way is almost (I stress almost) always the best way.

Drug use supports terroism!? What about gasoline use? What about plastic toys from McDonald’s? Come on, let’s not be dumb here. Much of our spending money goes abroad, what is done with it is out of our control. I try not to pay to much attention to propaganda, even our own. Even though we are about to blow the shit out of Iraq, we still get 10% of our oil from them and we pay for it at the gas pump. So I would say you are less likely to support terrorism from drugs than you are from gas, considering many drugs are grown and processed with in our own borders.

Bush’s big mistake with Iraq was talking about in the first place. He and Blair should have quietly built up forces in the Persian Gulf, chalking it up to “Exercises”. Then one day we start blowing the shit out of Iraq, out of the blue. Then we go to the world community and say “Oooops, we are sorry we should have talked to you first” Then a couple of months it’s all over and everybody forgets about it and the Iraq probelm is solved.
He tried to be diplomatic about it and it back fired big time.

This whole discussion has missed the mark. I believe that we should disarm Iraq, even if we have to use military force to do so. The large majority of the world (at least the western world) agrees with this premise. The problem America has is a lack of responsible leadership. Let’s review a bit of history.

As soon as Bush took office, his administration took the very public position that we would not be constrained by any international treaties or institutions. Bush snubbed the world. Still, after 9-11 the world grieved with us and followed us dutifully into the war on terrorism. But as soon as the smoke cleared in Afghanistan, the Bush Administration denounced any country that didn’t agree completely with the White House regarding Iraq. Bush quickly went from being a tough guy to being the schoolyard bully.

The populations of the western world are not so upset about taking on Iraq as they are disturbed with the way the Bush administration has rolled over them on this issue. America is the mightiest power in the world with the best military and strongest economy by far. Our White House should offer leadership instead of arrogance. Bush’s actions rely on domination, not leadership.

When all the dust settles, I believe that the western world will back the military action required because of their convictions, not Bush’s heavy handedness. Bush has damaged relationships with important allies. Yes, some have responded in an equally irresponsible manner. Do we really want America to bully our friends? This conduct just isn’t consistent with the principles that made our country strong. Unfortunately, if this administration doesn’t change its conduct, America will ultimately be weakened.

Hasn’t the world been patient enough? Saddam violated every single solitary aggreement he made. He has given the finger to the world and now, he is being held up as a hero. Everybody wants to pacify, just give Saddam what he wants.
Military action will be required in Iraq sooner or later. Either way it will still be soon…