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Bush Reality Check

[quote]Lumpy wrote:
Reality Check for Boston Barrister

The “overwhelming majority” of resistance comes from native Iraqis.

Any clue what “overwhelming majority” means?

Then you cite an article saying some Iranians are involved. 80 Iranians were picked up. Iranian officials may be involved, according to the sources cited. Iranians are being picked up entering Iraq with weapons.

How does that counter the claim that the overwhelming majority of fighters are Iraqis?[/quote]

I know what overwhelming majority means, but it’s awfully hard to dispute a general contention like that when they have no figures on percentages.

Which, I guess, is why it was funny to see them “reality check” Bush in such a manner – no stats, no figures, just “overwhelming majority”.

ADDENDUM: BTW, saying that an “overwhelming majority” of the insurgents are Iraqis doesn’t even address what Bush said, let alone “reality check” him. If the foreign insurgents are arming and leading the Iraqis, they are indeed causing the majority of the problems, even if they aren’t a majority of the terrorists.