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Bush Or Chimp?

Does Bush look like a chimp or what?

Here is another pic

Yet another one

Do you see the similarities

another pic

This one is my favorite

Most powerful man in the world + 1 million $ a year pay.

Id be willing to acceptmonkey-lookgenetics to end up at Ws spot.

This one is a classic

You may be closer than you think.

The president makes 400,000 dollars a year base salary.

your wrong about bush and the chimp!
… the chimp is smarter.


You guys still collecting your comic books?

I see you have no sense of humor!

Doesn’t Kerry kind of look Frankenstien minus the bolts?

Yes Kerry does look like Frakenstein I will try to get pics comparing those two. Just having a little fun with this! LOL

John Kerry walks into a bar and the bartender says “Why the long face?”

Ok here is Kerry as Frankenstein

And here is Kerry as Lurch

Lumpy, Jaystyles, Invader,
you guys made my morning,
Freaking hilarious!

this is some funny stuff… bravo

well goooooooolllllllly