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Can I just say that George W. Bush is getting his ass waxed on the debate right now. He’s so friggin stupid he can’t even answer the questions…he just skips around the main questions and goes off in some strange direction. I’m sorry this doesn’t exactly pertain to the t-board, but all politics is part of our daily lives and concerns us in and out of the gym. Man, I’m ashamed that I’m a Texan (born and raised) and he’s been running the show. No wonder everything in my state is ass backwards.

I thought he was doing good. And at least he sounds honest,sincere, and concerned. Plus, he did good enough to be ahead in the polls at the end of the debate.

Hey it could be worse, you could be from Tennessee or (gasp) Arkansas!

If you want to look at stupid, look at Gore; here is the dumbest person I have ever seen. If he is elected we are in trouble. He reminds me of Slick willy.I don’t trsut something about that guy. Either way there really is not much of a choice again this election saeson. For those who voted for clinton… well ,but for those who vote for Gore, you shpould have learned the first time around.Sheesh human nature is to be blind I guess.IU don’t like either candidates but if push c9mes to shove bush is my man…After all I would rather have a bush than be gored…

B, great argument about Bush and Gore, especially since it was backed up by logic and facts. Great grammer and spelling too. Where’d you go to school?

I’m a registered Republican and I think Bush is (by far) the most frightfully stupid politician I have ever seen (granted, I’m only 23…). It’s not just that he lacks common sense (he doesn’t, hence why some are fooled into thinking he’s not dumb), but he has a complete and total lack of factual knowledge. Ask him a question, he’ll spit back a few “keywords” that are meaningless. Try to pin him down and he just keeps repeating himself.

If Gore is elected, he might bore us to death. That, however, is better than having a President who could have us fighting a war in Israel while thinking it’s a country in Eastern Europe!

Jeff, first off I didn’t know this was going to a grammer test. secondly I forgot that there are assholes like you on this forum. I have a college education and probably make more than you could think of making in your puny life. So get off my ass. Secondly I have a right to my opinion whether you agree of not. I would imagine you are a kid trying to get a rise out of me. Ok fine enjoy yourself. but in time maybe you too wil grow up.As for anyone else that has a problem with opinions from other people. let me know and I will discontinue on this forum and go elsewhere as will my money. Thanks,B (See my grammer is better now I know there is a test)

Damn, B, you’re going to leave the forum and stop buying from Biotest/T-mag because some dude made a crack at you? Touchy, touchy! Compared to others, this is the politest board around!

B-You think Gore is more unintelligent than Bush? Please, spare me. Bush did nothing but skip around questions last night and never answered anything factual. And when he did answer anything factual, he flat out lied! I have lived in Texas all of my life and he has done nothing for my state. He talked about how he passed a bill that allows people to sue HMO’s…no, no, no. He vetoed that bill once and when he realized he couldn’t win, he let it pass without his signature. Now he is taking credit for it!!! That is flat out lying! And his voucher system for private schools? What a joke! I didn’t get to go to private school, so why should I pay for someone else’s kid to go to a school where they will be ridiculed for being poor and not as wealthy as the majority? If we want to educate our youth better, we need to test teachers (per Gore), pay more to recruit more passionate teachers (per Gore), and close down public schools that aren’t performing well, and reopen them under new, highly trained staff (per Gore). If I have to go through hearing Bush’s stuttering mouth and abstract language for four years, I might kill myself. Especially if I have to go through a rehash of, gasp, Reaganomics. Also, if Bush doesn’t like “Big Federal Government” and likes Governing, why is he running for President?

I wanted to maybe get this guy going a little. I don’t really care what you say to me, I figure if he wants to play I will oblige a bit. Hence the wisecracks.I figure If he wants to start something thats fine with me I have been putdown by the best and sometimes I enjoy getting into it with idiots that have nothing better to do than to get on someones ass.would I leave this forum because of an idiot like this? well I won’t answer that I’ll wait to see what remarks this guy can give, I only hope he can take in what he gives out!

I didn’t get to see the whole debate last nite I have a company to run. But when it comes to government, I have found that usually both parties are full of it. I do not trust Gore Period, but I do not trust Bush Either. I had said if push comes to shove. I would rather vote for neither one. I agree bush does evade questions but I have sen the same in Gore. Gore has that slick willy smirk on his face all thre time. I don’t know something about that bothers me. The election has not happened and I do stand a chance of going the other way if I see something to sway me. I Have not decided yet but If I had to at this moment , I would have bush. But then again the ones who voted for Clinton Had to learn the hard way too.I am human and therefore can change my stance at any time , but my opinion of Gore at this time is that he is a moron. And that is only my opinion! Hi JEFF!!

Ok I’m not in the USA, but just something I observed from watching TV: This is one huge popularity contest. Doesn’t it bug anyone that these guys probably don’t believe in a lot of what they’re saying? They’re just saying what they think the majority will agree with! Every now and again I pick up subtle contradictions in their so called ‘moral code’. Guess that’s what happens when a country starts getting politically stable :wink:
Or I could be wrong…

Hey, listen…Even if he’s not your candidate, and even if you HATE him, anyone who knows these men knows that Ralph Nader would have obliterated both of them. Don’t be fooled into thinking the reason he’s excluded from the debates are because of polling numbers–the Commission on Presidential Debates has a built-in exclusion by accepting polling data primarily from polls that omit Nader’s name in the first place, thus precluding him from higher polls. But in the real world, ALL FIVE of the highest-attended campaign rallies of 2000 have been Nader rallies, averaging 12,000-15,000 each. Gore and Bush draw about 3,000. While Gore was living in a maid-service hotel room, and Bush was recovering from his frat party hangovers, Nader was writing laws to CREATE the Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Freedom of Information Act…Yes, Nader wrote all those. When Gore said, “I keep my promises”, I was wondering if he’d ever been to votenader.org, which has an “Al Gore Broken Promise of the Day” documented.

Well, we have a bunch of gorons here. It’s funny how Bush has all of you scared. He’s going to win, and this country will be better for it. Bush won all 3 debates to that desperate, desperate vice president. But, if a socialist country is what you all have in mind, vote for Algore. Oh, by the way—I’m independent–hee,hee

I didn’t get to see the debate, but I did see the first one and the general idea I got was that Gore was trying to dumb his ideas down so that the general public could understand them while Bush was trying to speak correct english so that the public could understand him. I saw Gore at a rally and he is actually quite charismatic in person. I for one would much rather have someone who was more intelligent than the average person then who was less.
Austin Thompson

B, Your comments and opinions are respected here, but if you want to be taken seriously, you need to clean up your grammar. Your sentence structure and use of the American language leaves something to be desired. Also, please do not attack people by calling them idiots. Jeff was just calling it as he saw it. If you want to have an intelligent conversation, then let’s do. State the facts and support them instead of talking about smirks and not trusting people. In reality, I do not like either of them and I sure do not trust them, nor any politician. I will tell you, however, that I would rather listen to Gore the next four years than stuttering, misleading Bush.

The way I see it is you don’t vote so much for the man. You vote for where you stand on things that concern your life or issues you care about. Prolife, Gunrights, Gayrights or whatever.
Where you stand is how you vote.

Akicita, God bless you! You are dead on and eloquent as well.

Izzieable—EXACTLY. I’m a straight party line guy because I believe the party’s views. Whoever the nominee is, is sure to adhere to the principles of the party. Unless he is a total nut (don’t see that happenening), then I will vote party line. People get too caught up in personalities. That’s due to our current culture (ie-entertain me all the time)

I don’t understand why you would comment on my sentence structure and use of the american language.I guess this is to be a totaly correct forum on english and spelling and pronunciation. Bull, I to call things as I see them. I stand on the facts that Gore is so full of it that one would wear deep boots around him. I remember him stating about the clinton administration and how the economy is on track because of this. Lets try it was in place long before clinton, Gore cannot take credit for this. I also remember times that he was so for clinton, then something would go wrong and he was against clinton. I do not want someone like that leading the country I fought so hard to keep free. I agree that Bush is not the #1 candidate but if he is all there is then I will pick him. I agree with most of these posts , I too do not wish to give my money away to these politicians. It is worse for those who own companies, the government feels that we can afford it even more.I don’t really give a damn if bush had frat parties, I think his ethics are the best I have heard at this time.I am more concerned for a government built on ethics and for the american people. Not for those who will stab us in the back once they get the chance.I beleive that the american people are going to vote for the right man. They are tired of the games and hoopla that goes on in Washington.I beleive in the american family and the ethics that go with it, I will vote for who I feel will fulfill that Regardless of what you or anyone else says.I am done ranting now. Thanks