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Bush Approval Below 40%


Hell you guys don't even have to respond to this, its the third link I posted in 10 minutes. But the direction of the country is changing! Thank God.



No it's not. People are just getting tired of Bush. It's wartime, interests rates are up, and gas prices are through the roof.

There's a poll out there taken last week, I believe that shows Cankles getting her butt kicked by Rudy. And if Condi is in the picture - it's a dead heat.

But I guess the real proof of your statement will be in about a year when we have the off year elections.

Care to make a wager?


What kind of wager? Cause I think I would win.

And damnit, if it involves blowjobs or something like the last one you tried to pull on me, I'm not doing it.


Anyone who thinks that the "direction of the country is changing" based upon the latest Presidential polling is simply off base.

I'm sure you are well intended, but that is a drastic statement to make given the above data.

There is a conservative trend which has taken hold. If you look at the past 20 years (Since the Reagan era). You will find that more people are voting for the more conservative candidate. That's one reason why Hillary is attempting to sound more like a moderate than the liberal she really is.

If in fact the direction of the country were changing as you suggest Hillary would only need be her self (finger down throat) in order to grab the Presidency. As it is she is going to have to do a complete makeover and pray (oh sorry athiests..hope) that the country forgets her obvious liberal bent.

The trend continues to be conservative!


The friendliest of bets, of course. I'll even let you set the wager.


Historical perspective on Presidential polls:

Table 1. Presidential Approval Ratings, 1953-1999 (11)

President Average(%)High (%)Low (%)

Kennedy 70 83 56
Eisenhower 65 79 48
Bush 61 89 29
Johnson 55 79 35
Clinton 54 73 37
Reagan 53 65 35
Nixon 49 67 24
Ford 47 71 37
Carter 45 74 28



Evidently the public is almost dissatified w/ bush as w/ carter....carter didnt do anything for anybody rofl. My prediction : His approval rating goes below 20% - we've got 2.5 more years :slight_smile: Ok , i know approval rating doesnt necessarily have anything to do w/ job performance but still


Does approval rating matter at all? He's not running for re-election. he could be in the single digits he's still be the most powerful man alive.


Let's not forget the polls that had Flip Flop Kerry the next president of the United States also. Of course if you stand in downtown Washington D.C. on the corner of crack st. and ho ln. and poll it, your going to get a low approval of GW. Why not poll on a Texas street corner?


His poll numbers reflect on his party, which is why they are important.

They say these are not biased polls, and I think they reflect the mood of the country. When 48% say they would rather have a Democratic congress next year, I think that is a sign. I will not debate the dominance of Conservatives in the last 20 years, you are right about that. Clinton, in his own right, was not much of a liberal. And Hillary, the cunt, is, as previously said, acting more and more like the fucking politician that she is than trying to untite the party under an anti-conservative banner.

But either way, I really think that times will change. A period of greed is always followed by a period of progress. I think that if the Dems get in there, and run shit the right way, we will see a big change. Hell, its not like they can run up the debt any higher.

And you know, as much as I hate the bastard, I almost feel bad for W. It seems like for the first time in his career as our glorious leader, he is trying to unite more than divide. It irritates me that his polls might only be dropping because the jesus freaks are abandoning him. His moves to the center are met with anger by Dems like me, who hate him for what he has done, and anger from the far right, who hate him for what he hasn't. He has put himself in a hell of a position.


As long as its in Austin, from what I've learned about Texas.

And Rainjack, I'll let you know about that one. I don't recall how many seats are up next year, but we could probably bet on that.


Bush doesn't need to worry about another election but most of the current members of the house and senate do need to worry about this. A low approval rating reduces his ability to get things done, to get legislation passed. Congress is less likely to take his side and pass a controversial law than they may be when he's at 75% and can do no wrong.


Media + Liberals + Polls = Bullshit

Polls mean shit, just look at last elections. The media tried to make you believe that the nation wanted change, hell you had every star in Hollywood trying to push for change and every poll pointed to that conclusion but I guess those polls were flawed...right. If you believe every poll you read then you are a sucker. We all want the dirt. We are never satisfied with the things that others do right, all we want is to see the people we dont like look like crap. The left tries so hard to put people down , you never hear any good news form them. We surround our lives with the dirty laundy of others to make our lives seem less screwed up. The whole time the media boasts about thier freedom of speech and free press, and run crap reports from bogus sources to slander the name of public officials, soilders, cops, and we suck it up as truth. Case in point Michael Moore, this guy can speak of nothing and people grab on to it and then it is truth not opinion. I bet that less than half of these media leaches have ever did anything to earn that right. All the polls about the war, disaster relief, public opinion on the president... crap. Does it change the minds of anyone? Does it make you stop and reconsider your stance on the war or your opinion of the president? I still feel the same way I did yesterday. Maybe I should take a poll here in the good old south of wether or not George Bush is doing a great job or if he is " popular " or not. You tell me how those results will turn out. I would wager that the is still as popular today as he was months ago. It's all according to if you live in a blue or red state. Like the reports and polls coming from New Orleans, the media is quick to blame Bush and his crew not knowing how jacked up the liberal Louisiana government has made this welfare dependent state. We have moved our attention from Blanco, she runs the state and yet it's Bush's fault that the local government was not able to run the state.I volunteer at a local shelter and if you were to ask the residents who is to blame they will say Blanco and Negan. Let us not let "polls" run our lives or opinions Just my 2 cents. Thanks


"Maybe I should take a poll here in the good old south of wether or not George Bush is doing a great job or if he is " popular " or not"

Aren't you from California...is that the south?


Media + Conservatives + Polls = more shit

In fact, the whole right-left paradigm is a big stinky pile of shit.

Your welcome.


No actually they don't "reflect on his party" as much as they do on any specific candidate who might be running and holds the same positions as the President. In short, the candidate does not have the President to rely on.

If I were you I would be worried that with the Bush numbers so low why do only 48% of the people want a democratic congress. Historically the Presidents poll numbers go up prior to mid term elections. Hence, the 48% figure will only go down from here, most likely.

I agree Bill Clinton governed more to the center right regarding most issues. The reason of course is the conservative trend. And let me remind you that there is no "anti-conservative" banner in which to unite the democratic party! There are however a large minority of democrats who consider themselves liberal. They do get a great deal of attention and they do harm the democrats chances of winning the White House.

That apparently is your "hope" as there is no factual information to back it up.

The fact you think we are in a period of "greed" tells a great deal about your political slant.

It is sad commentary that a republican administration could run up the national debt. However, these are unique times...

I can honestly say I have never "hated" a President.

I think he was always a uniter, but in Washington you just don't unite. That is commentary on politics of the day.

Your comment on Christians is demeaning and insulting. I wonder if you also have derogatory names for Blacks, Gays and others whom you are either not a part of or don't understand.

"Dems" like you would hate him for just about anything he does! At least that's my feeling from reading your many posts.


Its good to see that poll, but I wonder whether America has ever really changed direction in its entire existance? Obviously historical hindsight is a wonderful thing but there is a definate linear pattern to American activity (I don't mean that in a deterministic way at all).


You really aren't that bright are you WMD?

Bush could give a shit about the polls. he's proved that time and again.

Republicans have won the only real polls that count for the last 10 years - the ballot box.


With the media blaming Bush for a hurricane, only reporting bad news from Iraq and Afghanistan and with the price of gas, I am surprised to find out his mother still loves him.

These numbers are fairly meaningless.


maybe you all don't care about this one that much... but non-Americans have been tired of Bush gang for years.